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Tiger Snakes and Flinders Island

For my friends who know I am camping out on Flinders Island which is famous for its tiger snakes here are a couple of snake stories.

Firstly I had always believed that if we stamped our feet and made plenty of noise snakes would move out of our way. I found this often true but not always.

Last week I was descending from the summit of Flinders Island highest spot Mt Strzelecki. My descent was along a fairly well defined and trodden path.

About halfway down the mountain I encountered a tiger snake who was slithering in the same direction down the same path. This snake it seems preferred the tracks smoothness to rough bush alongside.

The snake was going along quite slowly and taking no notice of me as I was stamping me feet and making noises a few feet behind it. This went on for about ten or fifteen meters and the snake only moved after I wacked my walking staff near it. At which point it slowly moved off the path.

All I can think of was maybe the snake was in love or daydeaming because it just ignored me. Maybe it thought I was rude and should have been more polite

A second funny episode to do with a snake last week at a place called Trousers Point. It was in the late afternoon and I was sitting and heating water for a cup of tea.

Suddenly I saw movement about six hundred mm of so to my right. The movement was a rather large tiger snake slithering past me. Six hundred mm is far to too close for my comfort.

If I was the type of person who shrieked, I would have as I jumped to my left to put some distance between the snake and me.

As I jumped the snake realized I was there and I am sure I heard the snake shriek and jump up into the air to get away from me. Which it did in a split second disappearing into a thick hedge

While snakes don’t shriek of jump that was the impression I got of the snakes reaction. It was so funny that both of our reactions were almost identical.

Though a couple of ex girlfriends may say they understand why me and a snake had the same reactions lol

So there you have it a couple of snake stories

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