Flinders Island

For anyone that follows me here is the reason I have not been that active for a while.On sixth of January this year I embarked on an adventure that I had considered for a while. That adventure was going to Flinders Island for an extended period.

For those of you who may not know Flinders Island is an island in Bass Strait which seperates Tasmania from mainland Australia. It is about sixty by forty clicks in size. The population is around nine hundred.

The extended period I am hoping for is around six months. Though that may be too long for me living in a small tent. Though I have been doing so for a month and quite liking it and not missing comforts like a soft bed or TV.

Another thing I decided to do while here was not to use a car or bike. All movements are to be by me walking. I have weakened on that and accepted a few lifts and outings but primarily I am walking. The reason behind that is I can see the island a lot better that way.

Next week I am going into the next phase of the trip and that is living in near isolation for a couple of weeks for a start. There are plenty of camping sites around the island which very rarely see people. I want to see what it is like not having any people around. In my life I have never been alone so I wonder what company I am with no one else around.

Regarding postings I am going to appear from the bush once a week or fortnight and process and post some images. I can’t carry my laptop with me as there is no power where I am going. Plus laptops are heavy. What I have done is arranged to leave most of my electronic equipment behind at the tourist visitors centre. They have agreed to let me do some work there when I come in.

One of the things I am discovering is taking colored landscape photos is very different to black and white street type of images. But I am having a great time so far meeting many different sorts of people some of whom I will photograph later.

Just to let you know life in a tent is not that rough a couple of days ago I had tea with another couple. Tea comprised of around half a kilo of abalone per person coupled with around the same amount of octopus. It was absolutely delicious lol. Next week I am invited to a pizza meal of lobster, abalone and flake.

So best wishes to all my friends from Flinders Island




  • Andrew Kalpage
    Andrew Kalpageover 2 years ago

    Good luck mate sounds great…I think 2012 is the year of change…thinking of going to Nepal… :-)

  • Thanks Andrew maybe 2012 is the year of change lol. This was drunken talk that turned into reality so there you go.

    Your Nepal trip would be magic Andrew. That is a place I would love to visit. I hope that turns into reality for you myfriend.l.

    One thing for me is the last of my children moved out about six months ago and that made this trip possible. .

    – Andrew Makowiecki

  • moyo
    moyoover 2 years ago

    wow. Andrew. This sounds like the adventure of a life-time. so great you decided to do this.
    now i will be looking out for your landscapes.
    wishing you a great time.

  • Thanks Mojo if this works out there are so many places I can go to. Six months at home and six months away. Iran is a place I would love to go to.

    The youngest of my children moved out of home around six months ago and made this possible for me.

    I told my friends six months in a small tent they laughed and said I would last a week maybe two lol.

    Tommorow I am moving out into real isolation living on wild kangaroos and fish lol. Ah not kangaroo.

    All the best from Andrew .

    – Andrew Makowiecki

  • athex
    athexover 2 years ago

    Congrats Andrew. You had told me about the trip last time we met up. Was wondering if you had set off.
    looking forward to some seascapes. A wonderful opportunity you have made for yourself. Enjoy.

  • Thanks Al I was wondering if I would ever do it.

    Everything seems to be working out and even the body is not minding sleeping on the ground.

    I wanted to give a longer reply but they are shutting the office and are asking me to get off the computer.

    Best wishes to you mate Andrew

    – Andrew Makowiecki

  • Farfarm
    Farfarmover 2 years ago

    Great undertaking ! Will get your mind some cleansing :) take some nice shots ! CU Andrew ! :)

  • Thanks Michel, I think I need a bit of mind cleansing some of my friends think so as well lol.

    This refreshing of oneself is one of the reasons I am doing this. No politics, TV, electricity and I even have to catch my own food. lol.

    What do we need to be happy, I think just food shelter and water is enough anything else is extra.

    Saying all that this is not that onerous as I will be seeing people at least once a week and if I can’t catch food I can always walk around ten kilometres to buy it. lol

    One of the benefits of being in the bush is all of one senses improve and is one of the weirdest benefits of being away from civilization.

    All the best to you Michel from Andrew.

    – Andrew Makowiecki

  • reflexio
    reflexioover 2 years ago

    excellent, sooooo jealous. really looking forward to the photos. The sky would be so clear.

  • Thanks John, this is something I have been thinking about for a long time though for a number of different places. my youngest child moved away from home around six months ago and I thought why not.

    As a strange thing there are so many people I have met that I cannot wait to photograph. I thought mostly landscapes but there are so many people I have met.

    One couple are Polish who escaped poland during the solidarity uprisings there. Who would have thought a person from Poland ending up at Flinders Island.

    This Sunday I am going with some Maori to a Waitangi day celebration at Trouser point, that should be good.

    Clear air is right, stars at night, and no city pollution at all, magic my friend

    All the best mate Andrew

    – Andrew Makowiecki