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Always Carry a Camera

A few years ago I moved into the center of Melbourne and started to do a lot more street photography. A loose rule I made for myself was to carry my trusty little Canon G9 with me when leaving my home.

I made this rule because every so often I found myself in situations where I wanted my camera and I did not have it with me. All sorts of things happening but I couldn’t record it.

The other day I went for a walk and have a bite to eat. My thinking was take my camera nah why bother I am sure nothing will happen. Its only rare that anything of real interest happens anyhow.

Murphy’s law happens, next thing know I am in the middle of a Palestinian protest at the QV1 centre. Riot police, demonstrators running, police dragging out demonstrators chanting.and yelling.

Did I have my camera with me oh no lol. It was home. I stayed there for a while and watched it was fascinating but no images.

After about fifteen minutes I ran home to get my camera but it was too late. When I got back the demonstration was over.

The lesson for me is always take my bloody camera.. We never know when the situation for those special shots arise.

I also thought how good is my little compact for this. Small enough to be put in a large pocket and image quality that is good enough.


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