Always Carry a Camera

A few years ago I moved into the center of Melbourne and started to do a lot more street photography. A loose rule I made for myself was to carry my trusty little Canon G9 with me when leaving my home.

I made this rule because every so often I found myself in situations where I wanted my camera and I did not have it with me. All sorts of things happening but I couldn’t record it.

The other day I went for a walk and have a bite to eat. My thinking was take my camera nah why bother I am sure nothing will happen. Its only rare that anything of real interest happens anyhow.

Murphy’s law happens, next thing know I am in the middle of a Palestinian protest at the QV1 centre. Riot police, demonstrators running, police dragging out demonstrators chanting.and yelling.

Did I have my camera with me oh no lol. It was home. I stayed there for a while and watched it was fascinating but no images.

After about fifteen minutes I ran home to get my camera but it was too late. When I got back the demonstration was over.

The lesson for me is always take my bloody camera.. We never know when the situation for those special shots arise.

I also thought how good is my little compact for this. Small enough to be put in a large pocket and image quality that is good enough.



  • georgieboy98
    georgieboy98over 3 years ago

    Too right mate and I agree 100%. Similar things have happened to me over the years yet STILL I either forget or else don’t bother and, as you say, these are the times when Murphys Law steps in! At least I have gone as far as always keeping a little Olympus compact in the car at all times, although a fat lot of good that is when I park and take to the streets without it! LOL

  • Murphys law must be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever lol.

    It always bloody happens mate.

    As a side comment how colorful are the Irish sources in our language. We have the unlucky Murphy, the rascally Hooligan family, the very casual golfer Mr Mulligan, the Shenanigans, and there are lots more.

    All the best Georgie

    – Andrew Makowiecki

  • Larry  Grayam
    Larry Grayamover 3 years ago

    Sister Murphy said you must give 20 hail fujichromes and 30 blessed Kodaks for being so reckless. The shame of it “NOT TAKING THE TINY CAMERA” you some kind of bludger mate?

  • Damn right my old Irish nuns would have, though I am surprised that a heathen like you would know penance. lol
    Bludger I thought that was an almost exclusively Australian word but I have found out you guys use it as well.
    In the US it has a different meaning to here. Here it means to sponge of someone ie let someone else do the work while you loll around. . Amazing eh lol
    The Big L

    – Andrew Makowiecki

  • reflexio
    reflexioover 3 years ago

    Damn, I know what you mean… a couple of years ago a street performer dress as the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz (completely covered in silver clothes and paint), sitting at a cafe having a cup of coffee. Either had finished performing or was in between, the photo WOULD have looked great, but alas.. no camera.

  • athex
    athexover 3 years ago

    Trust you to cause a riot!

  • Noah A
    Noah Aover 3 years ago

    I know the feeling well Andrew.. damn annoying when Murphys Law step in.. isn’t it? Why your toast always land butter side down?!!" :o))) Have a great day and PLEASE do not forget your camera! ;o)

  • Ell-on-Wheels
    Ell-on-Wheelsabout 3 years ago

    LOL @ Noah! ;-)
    Andrew, my 50D is with me always, even when going to the daily drudgery
    of employment – it’s in my locker at least! Valuable ‘lesson’ learned, I suggest :-)))