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Heart Attacks and Sex

This journal is a big thank you to all of my friends who have asked about me after my recent heart problems. It is also a bit informative…

Firstly I have had a triple bypass and am at home now feeling quite good. There was no brain damage and minimal heart damage so I was very lucky.

Google my name I made the Channel Seven News and numerous newspaper articles. That indicates how lucky I was.

Another lucky point is I have no peripheral vascular damage or blockages at all. All blockage seems to be around the heart.

I think this means that if if make some lifestyle changes i will have no heart problems for a long time.

Overall the whole thing has been overwhelmingly positive for me. I can hear you saying how can this be,

I could bore you with a whole lot of things that I found great like I n

Tiger Snakes and Flinders Island

For my friends who know I am camping out on Flinders Island which is famous for its tiger snakes here are a couple of snake stories.…

Firstly I had always believed that if we stamped our feet and made plenty of noise snakes would move out of our way. I found this often true but not always.

Last week I was descending from the summit of Flinders Island highest spot Mt Strzelecki. My descent was along a fairly well defined and trodden path.

About halfway down the mountain I encountered a tiger snake who was slithering in the same direction down the same path. This snake it seems preferred the tracks smoothness to rough bush alongside.

The snake was going along quite slowly and taking no notice of me as I was stamping me feet and making noises a few feet behind it. This went on for about ten o

Flinders Island

For anyone that follows me here is the reason I have not been that active for a while.On sixth of January this year I embarked on an adventure that I had considered for a while. That adventure was going to Flinders Island for an extended period.…

For those of you who may not know Flinders Island is an island in Bass Strait which seperates Tasmania from mainland Australia. It is about sixty by forty clicks in size. The population is around nine hundred.

The extended period I am hoping for is around six months. Though that may be too long for me living in a small tent. Though I have been doing so for a month and quite liking it and not missing comforts like a soft bed or TV.

Another thing I decided to do while here was not to use a car or bike. All movements are to be by me walking. I have w

Always Carry a Camera

A few years ago I moved into the center of Melbourne and started to do a lot more street photography. A loose rule I made for myself was to carry my trusty little Canon G9 with me when leaving my home.…

I made this rule because every so often I found myself in situations where I wanted my camera and I did not have it with me. All sorts of things happening but I couldn’t record it.

The other day I went for a walk and have a bite to eat. My thinking was take my camera nah why bother I am sure nothing will happen. Its only rare that anything of real interest happens anyhow.

Murphy’s law happens, next thing know I am in the middle of a Palestinian protest at the QV1 centre. Riot police, demonstrators running, police dragging out demonstrators chanting.and yelling.

Did I have my camera with me

Going on Holiday.

To all my friends this is to say I am going on Holiday to Perth Western Australia for a week.

I am mostly going because my son is becoming engaged to a lovely girl but I decided to spend a week there.

For all you people in the Northern Hemisphere who are sick of the cold. This should warm you up, the average maximum temperature in Perth in January is about 35 Celsius.

The Home Darkroom

A lot of digital photographers have only entered the field of photography recently and have not experienced the analogue world. This journal entry is the first of a series of what it was like in the dark before the digital dawn.…

Twenty five years ago I started photography. I initially shot color but found that B & W done at home was far cheaper that color. Shortly after that my infatuation with B & W began and even now very rarely do color.

My home darkroom was set up in the bathroom/ toilet of our one bedroom flat. It could be used only at night with towels over the bathroom window Also my wife could not go into the bedroom which had its lights turned off.

The unit had a bath/shower facility so I put a board on the bath and placed my development dishes on the board. I half filled th

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