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Well. A load of things going on, and I cant get my head around a little paragraph about myself…

My name is Andy. I take photos.

A lot of people round here seem to have been taken photos for years and years. I have always been a “every now and then” type character, its only been since last year when I’ve started to really think about the photos I’m taking.

Any feedback would be more then welcome.

Equipment I have used:

- Nikon D5000
- iPhone 4s
- iPhone 3Gs
- Hitachi HDC-I49IE
- Neewer 52Mm Wide-Angle Lens

The photos I take are mostly just moments of a journey I’m on, thanks for joining me on it.

  • Joined: November 2010


Christmas Romance

While getting ready for a Christmas themed project, I’ve been running through the original Christmas tale as told in the Gospels. / Putting all discussion about modern day Christmas distractions to one side, when we look at the Christmas story its also easy to get distracted by the big events. / Big events like angels, stars, and wisemen. Gifts, shepherds, and murder. / Not stuff that most …
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