I do photography mainly for personal enjoyment when I have the occasional spare time, which is never frequent enough.

I used to do some film based photography, in both 35mm and medium format many years ago. Due to various circumstances, my cameras were shelved some time back. Circumstances changed, and I purchased a DSLR in April, 2009.

Every time I pick up the camera, I feel as though I’m learning. I like to experiment, and I have no set style or genre in how I approach my photography or in the subjects that I shoot.

The images that I post on RedBubble are a sample of my work and do not attempt to be thematic or even representative.

I only upload the occasional random image from my collection when I have time and the selection criteria is either because I personally like the image and/or because I’m curious in what interest the image will generate, though I don’t really do much to promote these images.

I hope you enjoy them.


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