Christmas Tags and Keywords

Hi Bubblers !!

Today I went to the red bubble home page and used the keywords ‘Christmas’ ‘Cartoons’ to see what popped up. The results were not encouraging. The first few pages consisted of material seemingly lacking in any Christmas content whatsoever except for a couple per page.

When I checked these pieces I found artists tagging work Christmas when obviously it is nothing to do with Christmas but more in line of trying to milk the Christmas trade…. and using a ridiculous amount of unrelated key words.

As a shopper using Christmas keywords I want to see stuff related to Christmas. Especially on the first few pages of a search otherwise I just go somewhere else.

The way it is at the moment spoils the results of people working on Christmas specific art.

Am I being unreasonable here?

Well, I just had a break and a bit of dinner and decided to do another search.

This time using the keywords ‘chameleon cartoon’

This search returned two results but my actual Chameleon cartoon was not to be found. Didn’t exist according to the helpful message at the top. Now checking with the actual cartoon it shows key words as,

chameleons, animal_cartoons, nature_cartoons and chameleon_cartoons

As this cartoon actually sold a few times when it was uploaded I would have expected it to have at least been there. This sadly is the case with some other work as well.

Just how are we supposed to sell work if no one can find it in the market place using specific related keywords?

Has anyone else checked the market search for their work?

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