Christmas Tags and Keywords

Hi Bubblers !!…

Today I went to the red bubble home page and used the keywords ‘Christmas’ ‘Cartoons’ to see what popped up. The results were not encouraging. The first few pages consisted of material seemingly lacking in any Christmas content whatsoever except for a couple per page.

When I checked these pieces I found artists tagging work Christmas when obviously it is nothing to do with Christmas but more in line of trying to milk the Christmas trade…. and using a ridiculous amount of unrelated key words.

As a shopper using Christmas keywords I want to see stuff related to Christmas. Especially on the first few pages of a search otherwise I just go somewhere else.

The way it is at the moment spoils the results of people working on Christmas specific art.

Am I being unreasonable here?



I don’t normally announce sales, but it was extra cool to see someone had brought my cool lizard T-shirt. Thank you oh mystery buyer..may all your eggs be golden.

The Birdie !!

It’s been ages since I’ve taken a life and it’s something you never get used to.

On Sunday I took a plump pigeon from out of the sky on the fourteenth hole at a golf coarse I can’t even pronounce. The two lads with me have played for a combined total of thirty years and had never seen it before.

There he was. One minute flapping his wings chatting pigeon gossip and chick banging, and the next clobbered with a cheap miscued golf ball fired from the hands of a rank beginner who’d swallowed three pints of beer with lunch.

All I can say is, he was an unlucky bastard. The ball locked onto him like a missile.

I suppose he could have been an evil pigeon taken by karma….no that’s not right.

RIP Mr Pigeon..Sorry about that.

I have change Geographical locations, taking my carbon footprint with me.

Hello everyone !!

Have set up home in the shaky Isles after a long relationship with Aussie. Just going through the tedious unpacking stage whilst juggling "wow we can crawl’! twins.

Having to change servers and a billion personal details I’ve decided moving is not very fun and I don’t want to play. :)

Anyway just saying hello and that I haven’t fallen off the planet


‘Art, who’s got time for art ??!!!

A whine

It’s not often I feel the need to whine but this is one of those occasions.

Who do I have to sleep with to get a piece of work featured and how are the popular pages decided?

It seems to me(I could be wrong) to be the same artists that are regularly featured while lots of worthy artists miss out. As we are an open community I would love to know how these things are decided and if those deciding are also contributing artists themselves.

I know the popular pages cannot be purely decided on numbers of comments as some of the work currently ‘popular’ have less than ten comments while some work with thirty+ comments with lots of favourites gets nowhere.

Anyone care to comment ?

Away with the horseys !!

Well I’m back from an interesting week out west assisting vets in vaccinating horses against the EI flu. Boy, getting a horse to blow it’s nose is right up there with getting it to talk.…

Each horse is micro chipped, blood sampled, nasal swabbed and vaccinated. All attending parties are dressed in disposable hooded overalls, latex gloves (amazing how much the hands sweat) face mask and plastic shoe covers. When each farm is finished all attire is secured in bags and later burnt. We then sprayed everything including ourselves in a metholated spirits concoction.

I met some wonderful colourful characters who despite suffering real hardship from the drought maintained a ‘goodonya’ sense of humour with everyone being referred to as ‘ol mate’ and roosters (blokes)

The funniest event was witne

Come for a Jaunt in The Paddock !!

Well folks after months of ruthless planning and meticulous selection process’s the cartoon paddock is open for business. So any toonies out there looking for a place to call home then drop in and see us It’s a great place to showcase work and get yourself noticed.

On a side note with Christmas coming on it could be an idea to start displaying suitably flavoured cartoons for cards, T-shirts ,etc


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