Photography School Acceptance!!

Hey Redbubble, my online photography community. I have extremely exciting news…

Today i received a package in the mail telling me that I had been accepted into one of the most competitive Art schools in the province! I’ve been accepted after much work of porfolio examinations, tours, lines of people, and essays, they mailed me letting me know that I beat out about 800 people to get this spot!

Very exciting, thanks for reading


  • Ian  James
    Ian Jamesover 5 years ago

    Amazing news….what a great acheivement. I would love to do something like that.

    BYRONover 5 years ago

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least Andrew.

    I am expecting to see even bigger and better things from you in the future, and you had better keep posting your work on RB.

    Congratulations, it is very well deserved.

  • Kenny Gulley Jr.
    Kenny Gulley Jr.over 5 years ago

    super congrats mate!

  • emapearl
    emapearlover 5 years ago

    OH BABY! :) im so proud of you. you better know that you deserve it, ‘cause you do. you’ve done incredible work and you’re only going to get more experience and opportunity from this. its gonna be AMAZING :)
    love you