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Andrew  Bailey

Andrew Bailey

Ilfracombe, United Kingdom


A Break From The Commonplace

It was nearly midnight when I reached my destination. I pulled up in front of Lletty Villa which lay over the brow of a hill and surrounded…

The Fog Of Unemployment

Spirit broken by rejection, / a man without a job will wait / and, turning in upon himself, / will let despair turn into hate.
Wind Blown. by Andrew  Bailey

A Million Futures

How do we determine what it is / That makes us what we are? / The answer is that we don’t / For we are the sum / of all our experien…
Why? by Andrew  Bailey Cottage by the Sea by Andrew  Bailey An Exquisite Beauty by Andrew  Bailey Eton College Chapel ( A View) by Andrew  Bailey

I Am Not Yet Dead!

Damn the line say I / With all the force I can muster. / Let me live my life as I see fit / And not the way you want me to.

A Stolen Moment

……………..raindrops fell upon her cheeks like tears / from some Olympian god.
Sharing a Funny Moment by Andrew  Bailey

Winsome Waif

O gentle lady, winsome waif, / with deep brown smiling eyes / and hair as ripened corn, / I beg you treat these paltry lines / as a gestu…

I Am A Human Being, Too,.

When you raise that first cup of coffee / To your lips and drink it down, / Think of me. / When you take another croissant / And a secon…
Kippa The Dog by Andrew  Bailey Happiness Is A Full Champagne Flute by Andrew  Bailey

The Hag Stone

Come, Witch and stir your poisons / but you’ll never gain my soul / for the holly and the elder / have the power to keep me whole.
Frank Rhoades "George" Pasmore 1901 - 1996 by Andrew  Bailey Breathtaking or What???????? by Andrew  Bailey The Kitten And The Teapot by Andrew  Bailey

My Companion

So off we went for our walk; / She on her four legs / and me on my two;
By The Sea (Combe Martin) by Andrew  Bailey Boulters Lock, Maidenhead, Berkshire by Andrew  Bailey

Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind

Have I any hope of changing my position? / I think the all the world has not care enough / To think of anything but itself / So, tell me…

I Am Electrified

And no more bad news / with our evening meals. / That doesn’t sound too bad
Still Life With Blue Bottles by Andrew  Bailey

Time and Mass

Oh dear! / What have I done?
Sunset Over The Bristol Channel by Andrew  Bailey A Dartmouth Backstreet by Andrew  Bailey Exeter Quay by Andrew  Bailey

A Small Protest At Invasion Of Privacy

Everyone asks me / questions; / how do you….., / where do you……., / how much do you…….., / So, what is it their business?


1. Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? / 2. Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? / 3.. If a word is misspelled in t…
Evocation by Andrew  Bailey

The Fog of Unemployment

Many months have passed for some / and still no freshening breeze / dispels the fog of unemployment / and a man’s mind will freeze.

An Anthem To Times Lost (repost)

I put down young dreams to don / The adult mantle and my child’s discovering days / Were laid to rest, so dangerous and forbidden.
Father and son by Andrew  Bailey

Puppy Love

So, what do you do after you say hallo / To the prettiest girl in the world / When you just sixteen years old that day? / Your tongue cleav…
How This For Cold by Andrew  Bailey Hot Day By The Sea by Andrew  Bailey

Summers By The Sea

When I was a child, 24 hours after the last school day had ended during the first week of July, my long summer days began at Paddington rai…

The Girl With Auburn Hair

Your mouth which pouts and lips / which part in a most sensual way / simply help to form a ready and overtly / cheeky smile.

Love Sonnet – Grief

I am your slave to do with / As you will and so, / A gentle kiss will send me / On my way, rejoicing.
Andrew And Alistair Enjoy A Glass Of Bubbly by Andrew  Bailey

Someone Else’s War

Hey, you! the grey man called to me / Who me?, I said to the grey man / Yeah, you, he said, wanna take a trip? / Sure, said I, why not a…
Nearing The End Of The Day by Andrew  Bailey My Father And His Siblings c1916 by Andrew  Bailey Sunset at Combe Martin by Andrew  Bailey

Meandering Mind

I sat on a bed in a low lit room / and I thought both long and hard. / It was a hospital bed / and my thoughts disturbed me. / But then, so…

Oh My God!!!!!!!

The following questions were set in last year’s GED examination / These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds)……R…

The Tragic Death Of One So Young

It is now a long, long way from Fairlight Glen / But I have not forgotten how, that day
Naughty Boy by Andrew  Bailey Christmas Eve Snow Scene One by Andrew  Bailey Beauty Evolves - Day 3 by Andrew  Bailey An Odd Portrait by Andrew  Bailey A Very Cold Morning. by Andrew  Bailey

For The Nth Time

Ha! What a game we mortals do play. / Will it destroy us? Who can say nay?

It Comes To All Men In Time

When I got out of bed / this morning, I looked in / the bathroom mirror


I am an artist with a camera and I write / And my immortality is just beyond a pencil line / which has no finite end in view.
The Olde Thatched Inn, Ilfracombe by Andrew  Bailey A Devon Lane by Andrew  Bailey

A Terrible Dream

The day was hot and many people / Gathered on a hill to sit and listen


I thought today of Christmas, / and all the money spent / on booze and turkeys, / cards and presents, / and of entertaining / old aunt Jan…
North Devon Coast  by Andrew  Bailey The Lockheed Neptune by Andrew  Bailey Self Portrait c2001 by Andrew  Bailey

Spring Awakening

pring will usher in / That same prime ordial desire to mate / And bring forth life, stubborn in its effort to survive.

The Recession Has Hit Everyone

1 I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail. / 2 Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can’t afford batteries. / 3…

The Rainbow

Down deep in that hole. / The walls changed their hue / From dark grey to green / And then to red, white and blue.
Mellow Yellow by Andrew  Bailey

A Rite Of Passage – Mourning

But something in him stirred / And would not lie in quiet / Until a journey back was made.
Moonlight in the Welsh Hills by Andrew  Bailey

Kindred Spirits

Nothing else in this whole world is real. / I know that I’m in love with you / When all I ever have to do is to gently / Whisper your sweet…
The 24 Arch Viaduct At Penistone. S Yorkshire by Andrew  Bailey Prehistoric Textures by Andrew  Bailey

A Dream Of Friendship

I heard him say / goodbye / the other night
On Golden Pond by Andrew  Bailey City Sunset by Andrew  Bailey A River Runs Through It  by Andrew  Bailey

Taken For Granted

Am I still deemed as useful? / or am I a worn out machine with no hope of repair? / Unless, as they say, I am useful again?


And paranoia walks / With me each day / Piffle!That’s not true !
Why? by Andrew  Bailey
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