For the past 6 months we’ve been dedicating most of our free time and weekends to the creation of “Bacon Chancho”, our first mobile game (Android/IOS). By supporting our Kickstarter campaign or simply sharing the link you’ll help us reach our goal. Thanks in advance!

Bacon Chancho is an Indie 2D Defense shooter with a tasty skill inventory that will help you feed your enemies to death.

Support our Kickstarter campaign

By supporting our Kickstarter campaign you are helping us to:
- Work full time on this project
- Buying essential hardware to release the IOS version.
- Outsource and experienced composer for our soundtrack.
- Pay for studio hours to record voice actors and sound-fx.
- Hire someone for the creation of the official Bacon Chancho website.
- Create more concept art for characters, maps, skills and increase our graphics quality overall.
- Hire a professional public relations firm.
- Release extra DLC along with the game.

Keep in mind that the more money we raise, the greater the game will be. Colaborate and you’ll get some cool rewards!

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