I’m a young guy from Adelaide – Australia, who complete a Dip. Commercial Photography a few years ago.

I’m now slowly studying Electrical Engineering at Adelaide Uni, and working at one of the state’s leading manufacturers of automotive electronics.

In 2007 I won two silver print awards in the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) competition, with my work up against industry professionals.

My interests are cars, bikes, monkeys and exploration of new photographic techniques.

  • Age: 27
  • Joined: May 2007


SPEWING that someone has stolen my work

I would just like to share that I am fuming that someone has stolen my image, and uploaded it as their own. / http://media.photobucket.com/image/adelaide%20lightning%20at%20night/Phlip64/Lightining/LightningOverAdelaide.jpg / Looking around the internet, it is not the only occurance of images from redbubble being stolen, / so be aware!
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Thankyou for the Sale!

To who-ever bought the canvas print of ‘lightning over adelaide’, i just wanted to say a huge thanks! It is always so inspiring to have somebody else like a picture enough to actually pay money for it! / so who-ever it was, Thankyou! / If you have spare time, i would Love to see a buyers-booth image of how it turned out! / Regards, / Andre
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just wanted to write a quick thankyou note to the people who have bought a few of my things over the last couple of weeks! It is hugely encouraging, and inspiring to me so thankyou Ever so much to those people! / i hope you can have as much joy from them as i have gotten from taking them, AND having someone like them enough to buy them!
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AIPP Awards

Yeah so today was the state judging of the AIPP (Australian Institue of Professional Photographers.) I entered a couple of shots just so that i could get an idea of what type of crits the judges would have, totally not expecting to get anything. / BUT somehow, i managed to pull 2 silver print awards :D :D :D / which meeeeeeeans! i can now call myself a multi-award winning photographer :D
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