Away For A While

Hi Friends…

I will be away from RB for a few weeks… The garden needs attention again now that spring is here, then Keith and I will be taking a much needed vacation, we have not been away in three years… It is time…. Steward island here we come…

Stewart Island offers a special experience – a glimpse into a simpler, slower lifestyle, in rhythm with the sea and the tides, attuned to the natural world of bush and beach. It has special qualities – its clear, clean waters, the lush rainforest, sweeping sands, flora and fauna and the unspoilt natural beauty that are constant in our lives. Ulva Island is a pristine forested island situated within Paterson Inlet. It is managed by the Department of Conservation and supported by the Ulva Island Charitable Trust as an open island sanctuary. It is one of the few predator-free sanctuaries in New Zealand.

We have been very fortune to find a wonderful Canadian couple through a house/pet sitting website. They will be taking their vacation in NZ house sitting and looking after our loved pets. It is not easy to get away when you have lots of pets, but through this service we can go away knowing that “Tranquillity” and her children will be cared for.

I look forward to seeing all your wonderful work when we return… Thank you all once again for all your support, wonderful comments, compliments, features and sales…

The new ducklings and baby chicks are doing very well… Will update you all in a few weeks.

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