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I am an amateur photographer from New Zealand. Birds, Nature, Cooking and more recently Oil Painting are my passions that are self-taught. Photography: being in the moment, looking at the ordinary and finding the extraordinary in a single shot. We can learn so much from nature and the wild if we just implement it into our lives. Nature puts on a show for us 24/7 whether we are there or not to capture that moment with our camera. I fell in love with our little feathered friends (Birds) when I was a toddler and have always incorporated them into life whether they are wild or tame. I am now enjoying photography, and sharing my view of the world through the lens of my camera with you…

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I was inspired by Dewitt Jones with photography after watching Extraordinary Visions some of his inspiring comments “Celebrate what is right with the world”,” There is more than one right answer”
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The people of New Zealand are well known for their “No 8 Wire” mentality (the ability to make something out of nothing). These songs are a result of a persistent desire to create music designed to touch the hearts of families and individuals across all walks of life. Climb aboard this exciting journey and enjoy the magic of Keith and Andrea as they weave their love into these beautiful songs.

Thank you taking the time to view my portfolio, I appreciate your time.





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Calf Rearing Is Now Over - Phew

I have so much catching up to do with everyone… Missed all my friends on RB… Here is what I have been up to for the last few months… / Being a Photographer and rearing calves gave great opportunities to photograph the cows, calves and the beautiful rural scenery. The highlight of my days was observing the strange behaviour of a hen living in the calf rearing shed she loved the s…
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My dear Redbubble friends… we ask that you please pray for this little girl… / Elysian Shae Morris was delivered at 8:47pm on Wednesday / the 22nd of January, 2014, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. / Her entry into the world was very challenging, she hadn’t been / breathing and her heart stopped for quite some time. Elysian needs prayers of healing… / Her parents, who are close friends of ours have sto…
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Our 2013 Trip is over... Dubai, Africa and Bangkok

Our 2013 Trip is over… Dubai, Africa and Bangkok / It felt like we flew half way around the world… Leaving Southland and making our way to Christchurch. We caught our flight, the first leg of our journey took us to Sydney Australia for a stop over then on to Dubai for 2 nights… The desert safari in the 1950’s open air Land rovers was a treat… falconry, camels, dunes…
Posted about 1 year – 6 comments

Only 27 Days to GO...

Hi friends… / Just a quick update from “Tranquillity” Sorry I have not been on RB much… it has been a very busy time…. Amazing how much preparation goes into taking a 6 week trip… / 27 days to go… and we get wings and fly to South Africa for 5 weeks, then on to Thailand for a week… then home… / I have not seen my family and friends in South A…
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