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Birthday - 29.04.

Hi guys, / It’s my birthday today and I am very excited about it. / My birthday party was a few weeks ago, when I was home. / But I will still celebrate today with two very close friends. / There’s gonna be pizza and stuff, but most of all I am very happy about taking pictures today. / I already have a few ideas in mind and I hope I can catch everyone of those ideas in my camera. / So…
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It's been 5 days

Hi everyone! / Five days ago I created this redbubble account and I must say I love it here. / People are very nice and my work has been viewed a lots of times. / I just wanted to thank everyone for being so kind and for every comment and favoriting I received. / Hopefully I will be more active on this site as soon as the stressful days at University pass by. / There are a lot of inspirational p…
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