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Ollie Chanter

Ollie Chanter

Exminster, United Kingdom

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Ollie works with video (as well as some graphic design) by trade but dabbles with tshirt graphics in his spare time.

You will mostly discover Pixel Art but expect to see various other design forms which may include; Gaming (Retro and Modern), Films, Nerd stuff, Parodies, Vintage, Comedy, Science, Photography etc

  • Joined: July 2012


Coming Soon

After what turned out to be a very busy year, i plan to get back to making more pixel art as frequently as possible. / I’ve had some pretty good ideas buzzing around my head for a while now, including pop culture and some more original works, so keep your eyes open for a series of awesome creations and your favourite tv/game/movie characters! / If any of you have bought, or even liked, any …
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Make Yourselves Known!

Hello all! / I’ve been lucky enough to make a number of sales recently, but it has always frustrated me that you can never know who these phantom purchasers are! / If you do buy something from my page it would be awesome to hear from you – a message, a comment, or better yet a photo of you with the product. Just so i can give you my never-ending thanks and appreciation! / Merry Christ…
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Zombie Rant and Halloween

I have noticed increasingly over the last decade, and probably two, the popular zombie image has shifted from the classic ‘slow’ zombie (as they are now referred to) to the now popular ‘fast’ (or ‘rage’) zombie. / This new ‘rage’ zombie has its place don’t get me wrong, 28 Days Later was a beautifully crafted film which absolutely fit this sty…
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Zombie Hand Upload

I’m really big into zombies, i always have been, even as a young kid i was fascinated with Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead (among others). / My aim for this profile was always to create some good zombie art, and some good zombie tshirt art, (which i consider different things) and i have finally uploaded my first proper piece. A beautiful, if you can call it that, zombie hand b…
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