Nee help for lighting surreal image idea

As part of my now 6 months old lose weight & get fit campaign, I swim every morning at 5.30 am. This morning it was grey and raining heavily, pre-dawn about 6am. One of the guys in an adjoining lane joked with the pool owner that he was getting wt. The owner is a wag & promptly got one of the sun table umbrellas & held it over him & ask was that better, diddums?

But it gave me an idea. What if I could get a pretty parasol and perhaps a wig and get on of the young ladies who train every morning to swim along holding it up?

The pool is a standard 50m on, an pre-dawn is lit by 4 big floodlights along on side. Suggestions for lighting are needed. I only have one flash unit which can be fired (manually) off camera. My idea was to sandwich 2 shots, a time exposure of the swimmers training so they would be blurs in the background, overlaid by a clear image of my swimmer with parasol.

Any suggestions/ideas/referrals to anything vaguely similar welcome.


  • Larry Lingard-Davis
    Larry Lingard-...about 3 years ago

    I use Dynamic Photo HDR for all of my images which are either taken separately or what you could do is duplicate the image once you have taken it and overlap them both in HDR.
    This would do away with anything dark and would come to life out of the shadows after you finish tweaking it…?
    Come to think of it, you wouldn’t need any lighting, just enhance it with HDR…?