Sample price of Russians in Chechnya

More than 1,000 men, sometimes women
forced to clandestine detention centres.
Relatives mystified as to there whereabouts.
Some Russian troops bribed
with money, weapons or ammunition.
Returning gave rise to evidence
of rape to both women and men,
constant beatings rendering broken bodies;
some with hammers.
One left with severe back injury,
another broken ribs
giving rise to kidney issues.

Guards treating inmates cruelly
knowing their camps are illegal.
Unregistered, unsanctioned, unlawful,
no records kept of who’s detained or where.

Where bodies have been found
they usually bear scars of torture
and violent death,
some unrecognisable – blown up.

Wealth of a family determines ransom
of kidnapped or arrested persons.
Only the death cave or torture chamber
awaits where money’s not exchanged.
Knowing Chechen belief in funeral or burial
gave rise to a trade in corpses.
100 to 3,000 dollars paid for return.

Some 10,000 are missing
with possibly another 15,000 in refugee camps
conditions appalling.
Inadequate make shift shelters,
lack of food and clean water,
heating and essential basics.
Extortionate rents are charged
for those trying to relieve
and avoid the over crowding.
Shelters are but empty trucks,
tents and railway carriages.
Humanitarian aid blocked,
and medical supplies limited,
Chechen people afraid
for their male population -
loss of husbands, sons.
Children not permitted
to attend schools.

Once out of money often returned
to war zones.
Their homes no longer there
places having been looted
and under complete destruction.
Ongoing war takes its toll
bombings over 50,000 homes destroyed.
From 424 villages, 270 are gone.
Agricultural lands contaminated
by land mines and bombs
threatening the nations survival.

Mass graves uncovered,
200 corpses in one.
Arms and legs tied, blindfolded.
Signs of mutilation,
severed finger tips, stab wounds.
Broken bones, flayed body parts,
ears removed.
A body of a one year old child.
100 beheaded bodies in another.
Worse still some also had
internal organs removed,
not knowing where those parts were destined, -
but assuming black market
for much sought after transplant.

War on terrorism used as an excuse
for what has taken place,
Putin trying to cover atrocities
that have already happened.
Continued abuse of a country
wounded by the years of war…

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Sample price of Russians in Chechnya by 


  • hilarydougill
    hilarydougillover 5 years ago

    Man’s inhumanity to man. God must groan under the weight of it all. Very well written and very graphic and visual. hugsxxx

  • hilarydougill
    hilarydougillover 5 years ago

    PS What goes round comes around, you just watch the space that Putrin fills. hugsxxx

  • anaisnais
    anaisnaisover 5 years ago

    Thank you Hilary, sometimes you don’t know whethet to even post these writes, but unles people read of such how will man ever learn. I worry for my children and theirs with regards to what their life will hold, this worlds is still such a long way from peace and unity. ;D hugs x

  • Tom Gomez
    Tom Gomezover 5 years ago

    A terrible account of what goes on. So much of this genicidal behavior is allowed by uncaring goverments in the so called civilised world.

  • anaisnais
    anaisnaisover 5 years ago

    This idea of writing about the Russian/Chechen war has gotten a few of you to thinking I see, thanks for your comments it’s great to see your thoughts whatever they be!! lol. There was a time before all this that the Russians surrounded a school and the rained bullets down on the children within. I find it so difficult to understand the concept of taking lives at all, let alone tomorrows innocent children… you can only capture a snapshot of history really within such writes, and there will always be arguments supporting or campainging against either side… but there are no winners when it comes to war…

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