Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

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Soul mates solace When my final shadows cling on desperately / Where I fight formidable battles / to merely hold the light / I send you loving vibrations / a… The dead line Better look to the lamb / and fall to your knees / for the Reaper / witnesses all that he sees / This fallen angel’s / made a career … The cogs keep on turning A distant fire glows / out on the horizon / spreading further as it grows / Early morning nature rises / calls as birds stir twittering / … Tumbleweed Windy day / weather beaten / tired / dried out / long grasses / worn / b r e a k s away / s / w / e / p / t / b … Great Britain (-Acrostic) Government / Royal family, regal, royalties, / England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are part of GB, Europe / Army, Air force, and Naval sup… Discovering the deep A vast ocean / our churning seas / sit within Earth’s bowl / containing historical treasures / within murky depths / Secrets settled … Seaside serenity Simple treasures we have found / (seaweeds, fossils / seashells, crabs) / as we learned to look around / Walking holding hand / (He stopped… Rendezvous (A triolet) We went to a fortune teller / After we met through penfriend letters / Having written since nine and ten / We went to a fortune teller / Ma… Bullets rain tears Young and innocent they went to school / Expecting to learn and play / Never in anyones wildest of dreams / Did we expect that day / Fo… A mother’s treasures A solitary piece the diamond / precious rare gem most treasured / by those lucky enough to hold / Once in possession it is rarely out of gr… Secret Release A sweet kiss / hard pressed / returned / fervent embrace / Languishing / such joy / Divided / with one who means so very much / S… A weavers wonder The spider takes a silken thread / and carefully with skill / he weaves it in a pattern / with no loom or shuttle there / Until as great de… Grouchy woman (haiku) grouchy woman pauses / silently fuming / orchids flop blindly A spot of silliness New to church and bible / unfamiliar with Anglican ways / I recall with great embarrassment / my young adulthood days / I sat numb bum in c… The best she can give The colour of nature / so in tune with the soul / shows splendour to those who adore / Around worshipper flings / a beautiful blanket / of … Making a difference It takes but one / to set the ball a rolling / to start to change old ways / If you can find the courage / you can start clean slate today … Nature’s promise A bird flew over the countryside / dropped an acorn from its beak / behold it rooted where it fell / grew healthy strong and meek / Over ye… It’s all in the state of the mind It’s all in the mind / It’s all in the will / You think you can’t / and you’re right until / You change the game /… Don’t be grim Goodbye my loves / as my senses dim / I’ve had good innings / so don’t be grim / Like a frozen frame / your shadows hold still… Echos – (haiku) shaking echos / seek immense crags, sound bounces / softly ricochets golden melt – (haiku) melt exceptional / golden coat oozes soogy / cheese on toast for lunch Fisherman – (haiku) fisherman casts line / faintly catapults feed, float / patiently brings salmon tea Street Cred Houses on parade / Guards to civilisation / A great divide between man and space / Escapism opposed to reality / Sentinals stand at either … Robin red breast R-Red cloaked angel / O-on blanketed white grounds – frozen / B-Birds bob in barron boughs begging / I-Ice instills insects long g… In the depths Ha, you try to pull me under / but someones watching, protecting / splashes on over to safe distance / I’m swimming, not drowning … No need have I My eyes are roses on my face, / they’re in full bloom right now; / no need have I to water them, / they have quite suffice to grow… More than the depth of a rainbow There’s a subtlety in you / Whether it be the deepest red / Or sky’s summer hue of blue / For red is the color of passion / Be … Finger prints tell tales Like the rings of a tree / Etchings of time / DNA carved / Scarred for life / Records of passage / Through life and death / Curved, grooved… Long live love A toss of the head / A flick of her hair / The wave of her hand / As her beauty did flare / Her bountiful step / The spring in her stride /… haiku (skies) azure skies / couple picnic / on desert sands haiku (washing) amber sunset / taking washing from line / frog jumps by feet Haiku (mirror) in the mirror / I see reflected / an empty vessel Entity unknown? A tumultuous echo surrounds / and as billions of bullets fall around me / the darkness lights with the onslaught / Another unexpected atta… Pembrokeshire waters Ceaseless-white-horses leap / amidst frothing tidal waves / that tumble among the dark / sentinals standing in their way / Magnetic rhyt… Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl Come dance in the waters / that summer has warmed / amidst the froth of the seas / Hear the sighs that echo from tides / as the crescents r… Traversing Old Dixie… Southern border of Pensylvannia / the Mason Dixon line of North/South divides / a solitary rock marker distinguished with a ‘WV’… Pretty earrings - handmade by anaisnais Multi use handmade jewellery - by anaisnais Handmade jewellery - necklace by anaisnais A Symetrical Handmade Necklace by anaisnais Pretty Handmade Earrings  by anaisnais Necklace - handmade jewellery by anaisnais handmade beaded bracelet watch using wire wrapped beads by anaisnais Making my own beads from semi precious gemstone beads - handmade by anaisnais Handmade jewellery birds nest pendant with 3 semi precious gemstones aseggs by anaisnais Tree of life pendant - handmade - with  semi precious gemstones by anaisnais Fish supper anyone? lol.  by anaisnais Close up on handmade semi precious gemstone bow of one of necklaces... by anaisnais More gemstone jewellery - handmade by anaisnais handmade jewellery using semi precious gemstones again... by anaisnais semi precious gemstones in handmade jewellery by anaisnais Handmade jewellery - semi precious gemstones... by anaisnais handmade semi precious gemstone necklace by anaisnais handmade necklace using semi precious gemstones by anaisnais Bracelet - handmade by anaisnais Edinburgh pub... by anaisnais Bad Ass Pub, Edinburgh by anaisnais Modern take on recycling?   by anaisnais Donkey, donkey by anaisnais Handmade.  Pink and shell gemstone jewellery - vey girly! by anaisnais Handmade bracelet elastic fit... by anaisnais A necklace that packs of bling! by anaisnais NEW!  Handmade heavy gem set silver plated long length necklace by anaisnais bracelet watch gem set and with tibetan silver flowers by anaisnais here are a selection of the watch faces I use when making be bracelet watches by anaisnais Royal bling handmade crystal style bracelet watch by anaisnais Selection of hand made bracelet watch straps by anaisnais clock - cherub by anaisnais Clock - Cherish... by anaisnais Jewellery (c) by anaisnais Jewellery (b) by anaisnais Jewellery (a1) by anaisnais White horses gallop White horses gallop / wild currents / rush surf My Mama My Mama she trips out in the moon light / when I’m safely tucked up in bed / she dresses to wow her audience / but I know not of her … Surreal Like tipper tapping tiny feet toddling / I watched your mirriard of droplets / stream down my car window / Night sky like the backdrop of … Don’t Don’t / hate me, despise me / Don’t / cut me off, hide me / Don’t / put me in a corner to punish me / Don’t / ment… Valen-time? Valen-time? / Like the workings of a clock we fit together / ‘Joined at the hip’ some would say / As we go about our business /… My Emily She never did come back home that night / Me pacing the floor / Walking for miles in search of her / Leaving me torn apart / Spewing with t… Snowflakes Mesmerizing flutters and flourishes / gracefully blow on the wind / drifting, creeping and crawling up and down my back door / I see you … Follow that rainbow… Life is possibility / there are broad horizons out there for us all if only we will look / If children don’t succeed they try again …
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