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Where'd they go?

Been checking under My Activity in my lists but under My Watchlist and Favorites… the lists are empty and have been for some time, I know there are usually plenty within and use them to refer to those that follow so as not to go forgetting people with any luck – but am now stuck! My apologies folks am very lost without them, meds make my brain more mushy than normal! lol. Any ideas most welcomed! Hope April is treating you all kindly, the rains of late must be doing the ground some good, but I did love the beautiful weather we experienced over the bank holidays and with another closely following at the end of the month lets hope the fine weather returns with avengance! Thanks as ever to all those following whatever genre, your comments most welcomed and appreciated! Wishing all well…xxAnna-Mariexx


  • Ryan Davison Crisp
    Ryan Davison C...over 3 years ago

    yeah, mine emptied too, sales, everything

  • Sooo annoying when we use them! Wonder if rb are aware?

    – anaisnais

  • Tambala
    Tambalaover 3 years ago

    Same here – though this showed up!

  • Frustrating, so many people must think I’m ignoring them but I need these to remind me these days! ;C Glad am not only one though – wonder if we have missed something?

    – anaisnais

  • A-ha so that’s where you got to… wondered why you weren’t showing up! ;D Good to see you… it seems newer stuff is going in some tabs but not otheres? Hope you are all doing well as x

    – anaisnais