Collaborative intentions - can you help me? Please?

I’ve an idea with my writing that I’d like to see it put into artform and spoken word or music or maybe all, I’m also interested in anyone who thinks they could dramatically illustrate my poetry through drama or film. Reality is standing and reading aloud to a group can lose some interest with some people but by collaborating such efforts as mentioned, more interpretation can perhaps be felt and understood adding more emphasis perhaps but also allowing more creative interpretation and opportunity for more creative, artistic and talented people to become known. Surely this could open doors for new ways to see works, please bubblemail me your thoughts, and ideas – lets hope 2011 is a year of opportunity for us all… all the best.

Redbubble have under the community tab above, started a section here called “throwing down the gauntlet” please read it,, and similarly if you find a piece of my poetry suitable for collaborating with then shout me and we can take a look to see if it works with where we were both going. My writes are very diverse, so don’t think because perhaps a couple are similar that is all I write for there are things there from love, ozone, planet, personality, spiritual, pirates, abuse, refuge, alcholism, Christmas, war, and many more… Added to this they say there may be RB vouchers allocated to some…

Surely this has to be a win win situation for any concerned? Constructive critique , ideas and comments welcomed also. Thankyou for taking time to read this.

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