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Hi there, I am a disabled , happily married mother of two 6ft tall grown lads, they themselves setting out on their own now… I used to work in school as learning support assistant in classroom assistant capacity with under 8’s. I love to make jewellery, have various #craft hobbies and in the last few months have found a deep desire to write poetry. I think poetry is an understated way we can make our voices heard and believe there is great revival happening in the reading market, where poetry is the niche to encourage people to read in small doses, able to put a piece down easier than a novel. I believe strong stories and pictures can be painted in very few words enabling a reader to have opportunity to take further though and inspiration away with them.

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Here is a link to the talented Mariska – Maria Szollosi with whom I collaborated to create an unusual calendar of poetry on art. See the link within her calendars here on redbubble.

Join me at Mariska’s Solo Exhibition, ‘Beauty – No Reserve. Multi-media as Digital’

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October nectar was featured in FEATURED WRITERS
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Where'd they go?

Been checking under My Activity in my lists but under My Watchlist and Favorites… the lists are empty and have been for some time, I know there are usually plenty within and use them to refer to those that follow so as not to go forgetting people with any luck – but am now stuck! My apologies folks am very lost without them, meds make my brain more mushy than normal! lol. Any ideas …
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Spotted this CALLING FOR ARTISTS through a site to which I am a member...

Want to see your designs as a finished papercraft range? / Docrafts works with many established artists, licensed brands and design agencies. / We are constantly on the look-out for fresh new talent from both established and newly qualified artists. If you would like to present your artwork for consideration please send a copy of your e-portfolio to studio@docrafts. / Linked Text / Keep us in the…
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Collaborative intentions - can you help me? Please?

I’ve an idea with my writing that I’d like to see it put into artform and spoken word or music or maybe all, I’m also interested in anyone who thinks they could dramatically illustrate my poetry through drama or film. Reality is standing and reading aloud to a group can lose some interest with some people but by collaborating such efforts as mentioned, more interpretation can perhaps be felt and …
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Popping in as 2010 draws to a close to say

A huge thankyou to all who have passed through and supported me through whatever medium, to all those friends and aquaintances who have made the last year more pleasurable I wish you all a wonderful 2011 as we move forward and hope it will bring much love, joy, health, hope, prosperity and peace your way. May it be your best year yet! I do hope we will be crossing paths again soon in the New Ye…
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