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New RB Homepage ?!!

Hello Friends,

Today I just found a different display of RB Homepage … the featured images are in a slideshow … the buyer’s booth section has disappeared …& some other changes as well !

I feel I liked the earlier neat & compact homepage display better ….what do you guys think ?

Cheers :)


  • Ghelly
    Ghellyabout 5 years ago

    I see the regular one. featuring cats and I see the buyer’s booth as weell. I don’t see any changes.

  • Really ? But I’m seeing this new one now (am using IE 8)…. even yesterday I’d viewed the regular display !
    Dont know what’s happening …may be the RB team is again experimenting something with their homepage !

    – Anaa

  • Johanne Brunet
    Johanne Brunetabout 5 years ago

    They are trying a new beta version of HP. Please the Releases Notes for more details.

  • Hello Johanne ….Thanks a lot for the link ! :)

    – Anaa

  • Rosalie Dale
    Rosalie Daleabout 5 years ago

    They did annouce a trial of a new homepage a while ago with a slide show etc – maybe you are one of the ‘guinea pigs’ as most others still have the regular view.

  • :)

    – Anaa

  • CinB
    CinBabout 5 years ago

    i have the slide show view, threw me alittle at first, but its nice to take alittle time to watch the slide show to see everyones work!

  • Hi Cindy …. hey, now am again viewing the regular version !! :)

    – Anaa

  • Ursula Rodgers
    Ursula Rodgersabout 5 years ago

    Hi Anaa! That happened to me the other day. Like Rosalie says, they’re testing their new homepage idea out on a small percentage of members. I prefer the old look myself :)

  • Hi Ursula … I guess they are going to fully release the new version soon….though I still prefer the older version, takes less time to load ! :)

    – Anaa

  • debsphotos
    debsphotosabout 5 years ago
    I had the slide show the other day as well..havent looked today!! *-)
  • Same here, dear :)

    – Anaa

  • ourjrny
    ourjrnyabout 5 years ago

    I see the new Beta version as well and I prefer the original theme.
    Although I must say it is interesting how the page is sometimes different.
    But generally speaking, right now what I saw on the homepage today and yesterday is the large slideshow and then this evening it “shifts” to the previous feature display.

  • Hi Sharon ….same here, my friend … & today I got to see it for the 2nd time ! :)

    – Anaa