pdfMachine - edit and create PDF files

PDF files are invaluable if you run your own business.

Query letters, contracts and other important documentation look a lot more professional in PDF format, rather than bulky Word documents which can be accidentally changed with the slip of a key-press.

Many professionals also promote their businesses via PDF e-Books that you can dowload from their websites, containing images and hyperlinks.

However, Adobe products, although excellent, are prohibitively expensive. A commercial copy of Adobe Acrobat is around AUD$600.


I’ve found an excellent substitute developed by Broadgun, an Australian company based in Victoria.

pdfMachine is only USD$29. I purchased pdfMachine office, and have found it more than adequate for my needs. I use it fairly often and it’s a pretty solid product.

Support is top-notch and any queries receive a prompt response from the developers, so you can be sure that they know the product inside out.

I don’t get any kickbacks, but I thought you guys would be interested to hear about it – I don’t think there are many millionaires on RB and this is a great Australian product.

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