Mouse Party t-shirt appears in Kate Smith's new book

Kate Smith (also known to us here on the Bub as Empress) is the author of Wolf Hollow, a book featuring an irrepressible vampire heroine named Scarlet. Scarlet has a fetish for shoes, a talent for trouble, and an eye for a great t-shirt.

Today, the Mouse Party t-shirt made its literary debut in V is for Viking, the latest of the Wolf Hollow episodes.

Kate was even kind enough to write a post in her RedBubble journal promoting the Mouse Party tee alongside V is for Viking. You rock, Kate!

Product review: the RedBubble calendar

I’m going to confess three things: I like buffets, I prefer to give useful gifts, and I’m shallow enough to be influenced by first impressions – if there is no ‘wow’ factor I’m going to make my excuses and sidle away stealthily so I can go back to stuffing myself with crab puffs.

I received my RedBubble calendar in the mail yesterday, less than 24 hours after James said he would send me one to review. Wow #1.

Now, I’m not saying all RedBubble deliveries get sent by Express Roadrunner, but this confirms my belief that when the Bubble folks say they’re going to do something, it gets done.

I was pleasantly surprised when I removed my calendar from its packaging. It was not rolled up, but thoughtfully packed in a padded bag and kept flat in between two sheets of cardboard. Let’s give the pac

Jump on the ghost train!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good horror story?

With Halloween round the corner, frogster started this spooky thread , and I would like to throw out an invitation to participate.

Mainly because I love reading ghost stories (and then scaring myself so much I have to sleep with the light on).

Come on, guys, give us your best (true) ghostly encounters.

At the very least, you’ll have ample fodder to frighten the kiddies with.

Mmm … children-frightening, one of my favourite pastimes.

Interview - thickblackoutline

The Lion, the Witch, and Thickblackoutline’s Wardrobe

Have you ever thought of a thick black outline as sexy?

If not, you need to dive into thickblackoutline’s wardrobe and rub your cheek against some of her delicious, dark designs.

Like I did, until I was caught and put to work writing this interview.

Mystical cats, queenly but sinister geishas, dessert-loving dragon chefs, and hungry, hungry hippos turn a mundane human torso into a hypnotic canvas that will have heads turning and eyes staring.

All finished, of course, with a thick black outline.

Mastermind behind the popular Bubblerock series, winner of the 100% RedBubble T-shirt Competition, featured illustrator in Blanket Magazine, Design Federation, and The Age’s Creativity Corner, and most recently, one of the winners of the Melbou

A "Camouflage" sighting!

The lovely peridot was kind enought to leave this comment in my bubble today:

Apparently a local business has my wascally wabbit on display. Queenslanders have great taste, no? ^_^

Update (12/9/2007): Peridot was kind enough to write back and let me know that it was in a Hearing Aid centre in Capalaba (outer Brisbane area).

Home again

Wow! It’s like coming back to a whole new bubble!

Black t-shirts, different t-shirt models, about a million new Bubblers … I can see I need to get cracking on some new designs.

It’s wonderful to be back :)

Away on holiday for the rest of August

Hey everybody,

In a few hours I’ll be on a plane to Sydney, and then on a plane to New York! Woo! My trip will take me to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and then across the country to Las Vegas and L. A.

I’m looking forward to it, but not to the packing, the flight or legendary New York customs! So many tiny bottles and clear plastic bags to comply with anti-terrorism what-not. The long hours on the plane, where surly flight attendants bring you a small cup of water every three hours …

But it will all be worth it when I get there :)

I hope to do a little catching up from Internet cafes and people’s houses, but if not, I’ll see you all in early September!

Xo Angie

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