Don't Smoke. It Will Kill Your Lungs. (ENG 111 Essay)

I’m sure that we have all had compelling moments that stick out to us. Sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes these moments become like scars; in a way that is most lovely. Like a tattoo with a better story. We all have moments that make us laugh, cry, or simply make us want to make a change. Maybe it’s something that someone did. Maybe no one else was involved. It could even be a smell that brings you to another place and time. Well, I have a moment that involves all of the above. It may mean nothing to you, but to me, it was wonderful.I stepped out of my car; it was a cold, fall day. I could feel winter starting to breathe down my neck. It was early morning. I remember watching my breath escape me. Viewing it like a train puffing smoke down a track. I couldn’t help but smile. In this very moment, I was inevitably happy. The walk through that small, Pilot parking lot seemed to take forever. My feet were nearly frozen. But still, I was enjoying myself, so, I stopped and looked. I noticed that the sunrise was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. Why did I miss out on so many? I guess I let laziness get the best of me, but not today. Today I was up chasing the sun.After watching the sun rise almost completely, I gathered myself from the bitter cold and went into the store. Finally! I found what I needed, breakfast. At last I could feel something warm. I stood at the register and my impatience started to get the best of me. I was starving! I could smell the food, and could basically taste it. My foot started tapping. “Great,” I thought, “Just great.”“Hi,” said a voice from behind me.I turn around to see a tall man. He was wearing long johns, jeans, a flannel shirt. He was carrying a pack of cigarettes, which he was fidgeting with, a lot. He seemed nervous, yet excited. He resembled an older version of Kurt Cobain. Needless to say, I was intrigued.“Hello,” I said with a smile on my face. “How are you?”“I’m fine. Enjoying the beautiful morning. I’ve been driving in my truck all night. Sure gets lonely. What brings you out so early?”“Well, I’m going to fix some things with a guy that I care about very much. I have waited long enough and I really need the closure.”He looked at me with a smile; almost of reassurance. “I wish you the best of luck, sweetie. You see, I’m going to do the exact same thing with a woman who has my very heart. I have been waiting over twenty-five years. I made a lot of bad decisions, and with my pride aside, I can now say that I need her. I needed her all along.” He looked as if he could cry. He glanced down at his cigarettes, then back up at me. He looked a bit ashamed of his habit. “I’m sorry to spill all this out to you. I just needed to tell someone about her. She’s wonderful, you know?”The smile on my face could not get any bigger, even if you cut me from ear to ear. I was glad to see that someone else out there could be going through the same thing that I was. The fact that he were willing to fix it made me feel less stupid for trying to fix what I thought was impossible. After everyone telling us to give up, we wouldn’t. “Well, sir, I wish you the best of luck. When you see her, tell her I said that she’s lucky to have someone like you. Go for it with everything that you have.”“You only live once right? I might as well. I say the same for you. And never forget that love is the greatest of all powers. When everything falls apart, hold onto that. You have to promise me that you will, okay?”“Yes sir, I will.”“Please, call me Mark.”“Well, Mark, I promise you that I will always hold onto love. According to the Beatles, that’s all we need anyways.”He laughed in agreement. “Yes, that’s right!” He began humming that song as he strolled out the door. The faint smell of Black and Mild cigars on his clothes brushed past my nose. I breathed it in. I realized that this was probably the last time that I would ever see this man. I missed him already. Just then, he turned around, looked me in the eyes and said, “Hey you! Don’t smoke. It kills your lungs.”All I could do was smile. I walked out the door and watched him make his way to his truck. I noticed that he threw his fresh pack of cigarettes into the trash can. He smiled and waved. The moment was so bittersweet. I wanted with everything I had for things to work out for him. And I know that he wanted the same for me. For five short minutes I found someone who seemed to completely understand me.I sat in my car for a few minutes. Just sat there and thought. I listened to the silence and realized that maybe there is more to life than I ever thought there was. Maybe there is something greater out there. Maybe I have some crazy and amazing purpose. Or maybe I should just listen to more Beatles and stay clear of cigarettes. Or maybe I should just hold onto love. After all, it was a promise.

Don't Smoke. It Will Kill Your Lungs. (ENG 111 Essay) by 


  • LookOutBelow
    LookOutBelowover 4 years ago

    WOW, WOW, WOW!
    Andrea, this is amazing!

    You have no idea how much I love this! Well written!
    I feel like I can relate in some ways…

    I often wonder why I’ve missed so many sun rises as well…
    Definitely keep your promise, and some more Beatles couldn’t hurt ;)

    Love is all you need.

  • I just realized that my reply didn’t send to you.
    Here it is! haha.

    Thank you!

    I really love to write, but very rarely am I able to put my thoughts into words or on paper. I think so much and I constantly have thoughts running through my mind and it’s hard to hold onto one thought long enough to write about it (pretty sure that’s just ADHD, haha) But I am very glad you liked this!

    Most young people miss the sunrises, and we should be the ones who never want to. No one should want to. I’m glad you could relate. (:

    Thanks again!

    – Andrea Morris

  • LookOutBelow
    LookOutBelowabout 4 years ago

    That’s all good…
    HA! Wow. I’m exactly the same. The amount of thoughts, happiness and anger floating around my head – I didn’t think was possible. I can’t hold onto my thoughts long enough either – one thought just leads to more thoughts. Before I know it, they are all blended together and it’s very hard for me to separate them again – especially on paper.
    I’m getting there!

    I know ey’! I really don’t like our generation very much… sad but true. I can’t stand the modern world much. It’s just the nature that keeps me going.

  • I have had this problems of not being able to sort my thoughts for a long time. But I have never been able to explain it because I couldn’t figure out the problem due to the amounts of thoughts in my head. That was a long sentence. Haha

    – Andrea Morris

  • LookOutBelow
    LookOutBelowabout 4 years ago

    Ha ha ha it was very long! But it makes sense, I know what you mean…

  • EdsMum
    EdsMumabout 4 years ago

    Beautifully written, to all who smoke, look for the sunrise and count your blessings, live today to its fullest for you will never live it again. BUT, without cigarettes there might be a tomorrow…Shirley

  • Thank you! (:

    – Andrea Morris

  • Rebecca Morrison
    Rebecca Morrisonabout 4 years ago

    So, as I am reading this, I am smoking a ciggarette. I am thinking to myself, “huh. More sunrises. I like the sound of that.” I am not making any promises right now. But i can honestly say that I am out of smokes and for the first time in two years, something has clicked in my brain. Yes, I know it’s unhealthy and all of that, but you have spoken to me as clearly as if you were sitting right next to me with this! I am saving it to my favorites and I am going to read it everytime I go to buy ciggarettes. I will check back in with you and let you know how it goes! As for the writing, it is wonderful! This is a very moving piece on many different levels.

  • Haha! I am very glad you liked it. Funny how it spoke to you in that way, considering that it wasn’t meant to (:
    But yes!, keep me updated.

    And thanks for the favorite!

    – Andrea Morris

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