Not good.

Seems that some of Mark Twain’s stories, including the famous Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, are being sent out to be “edited” in order to make the reading more appropriate for all readers. They will be taking out all the racial slurs and any other “inappropriate” sayings. This is basically all in order to make it more acceptable for the younger kids to read them in school. I think that instead of changing the books, we should change the readers. It’s complete nonsense. Mark Twain isn’t even here to defend himself or his works. Who are we to change his creativity, what he spent his time on, and most importantly, what he put his heart into?

I suppose I should make things more clear here. I don’t agree one bit with the racial slurs, but who are we to remove them. That’s sadly, just a part of our history and we cannot erase it.

Also, I am in an English class, and it annoys me more than ever. I don’t understand why writing has so many restrictions and rules. It should be about writing what you want, however you want to.

Rules; everything has them…

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