Aldous Huxley Week

I’ve been thinking.
Why do people write things about “why am I here?”
Like where else is there?
What am I missing?
We are all human beings, yes?
So everything we do,
Feel, think and say is “here”.
Even “Never Never Land” was written
By a person who was here.
So very near!!
Every book, poem, painting, photograph
Has been produced by someone “here”.
So what am I missing?

We sing, we cry, we sigh, we sleep, we dream,
We awake, shit, piss, groan, shiver, shave or don’t shave,
Perspire, feel afraid, get confident, work or don’t work,
Masturbate, make love, fuck, caress,
Share, care, beware, you name it!
But it is always in the “here”.
So what am I missing?
Where is “there”?
I find being here hard enough.
But, if some person is out “there”
Not from “here”
Let me know so I can cheer
Up Aldous Huxley.

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