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I live in Budapest city,capital of Hungary (Central/Eastern Europe), I am a hobby photographer but very enthusiastic.I am convinced that taking good photos doesn’t depend primarily on big and very expensive cameras (however it would be fine for me to have one of that kind but I can’t afford it). In my opinion the outcome/result depends firstly on the photographer himself (and only secondly on the type of the camera), how he seeks and chooses real good themes and catches the proper moments in life and nature. I’ve bought a not very tricky, sophisticated camera (type Canon Power Shot A1100) and take pictures by it . However some of my photos are taken by a bridge camera type Nikon Coolpix P90 borrowed temporarily from my friend. I enjoy taking variable photos of nature (landscapes, farms,forests, waters, still lives, flowers and so on), fine old and new buildings of architecture,bridges,statues,people at work, construction of works, etc. (Please, look me over my mistakes in English.) I wish every success to my hobby fellows in Red Bubble and wait for their comments on my photos.

My web-site:
Hungarian hobby photographer

Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe what is worth visiting (see the pictures), it’s just only 200 km eastwards of Vienna,Austria.

Hungarian Parliament,Budapest,Hungary

Old Chain bridge,Budapest,Hungary

Heroes’ square Monument,Budapest,Hungary

Royal Palace,Budapest,Hungary

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