The Thinker he holds down his wand and stares into the unknown murky lake, where he must wait, / for prophecy unknown to him. Beauty Around the World Every colour / Every race / Makes our world a beautiful place What becomes of love? I long for his touch / And his tenuous first words / With skin cocoa brown / Eyes black as night / His body caresses with gentle delight / … Sick Am I tripping? / Am I on drugs? / Are you? / Is this what a drug feels like? / Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. The Wind She sings her song to me, / So sweetly rustling through the trees, / Like angel’s voices calming me, / She’s soothing every pa… Sleep I can’t sleep / without you beside me.. Fate Our eyes met, our hearts rejoiced. / Why wouldn’t he? / Fate knew… My Wish I wish for you / To talk to you / and hold you tight / to tenderly caress Remember Remember this / my love for you / is never ending / and still new WINDOWS If your eyes are the windows to your soul, Fix I need a fix / I need it now.. Guiding Lights Ploro non , pro suus phasmatis lies intus nos quod mos rector nos per nostrum poena. Awakening the Angels Within Intense / Heat / EVERYWHERE! / I was standing in a dark room. Very dark. Almost frightening actually. Death by Moonlight She sees the attacker, she knows! / What to do she must think, as she sits there some more, her dress is now crumpled, but she cares none, … Essence of Love “Within our very being lies love, / the essence of who we are and our very existence / to love, be loved, feel peace and happiness / … Tell Me… Tonight! Are you ready? / C’mon, tell me now, / I know I’m ready / I’m up to the fight / Cause your doing my head in / Please tell me tonight! Rain (an ode to a lost summer) A pitter / a patter / abundantly wet! Friends My friends, / I like, / they’re out of sight. / They make me laugh and make me cry. All That Remains Why is it that the very thought of you sends tingles down my spine Now Baby Baby / … Just / … One / .. Night Eternity our bodies entwined / your heartbeat now mine