I’ve also published four books and written a short story…Take a look!

In addition to this, I’ve had my artwork featured and then published in the Pink Panther Magazine:

I’ve designed, created and published my own artwork in a magazine for free or sale, there are only two as I have HUGE university study commitments at present.

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Again thank you!

Thanks to the lovely people who purchased my work recently. / It’s greatly appreciated. / xx
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Thank you to all the great supporters I have! I am so thrilled to know you love my work and want to buy it! so thank you for all the purchases of late. / xx
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Cre8tive Papyrus

After being sick and in hospital, recovering and university studies, I’ve realised I am taking on WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! and am closing the newly created Cre8tive Papyrus Redbubble site. It only has two things on it too! So will transfer them over to here under the “Graphic Design” profile tab. / I honestly don’t know why I do these things̷…
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Recent Sales

A HUGE THANKS!!!!! To everyone who has purchased items from me.. you all know who you are and I thank you for your continued (or new) support! / Cheers.. xx
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