I’ve also published four books and written a short story…Take a look!

In addition to this, I’ve had my artwork featured and then published in the Pink Panther Magazine:

I’ve designed, created and published my own artwork in a magazine for free or sale, there are only two as I have HUGE university study commitments at present.

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From Darkness to Light

My university assessment for VSW24 is OVER!!! / I am not sure if I am going to upload the individual images (I guess I would at some stage!) however for now, I have uploaded the images into various formats for everyone’s tastes. / Here are links to the works I’ve done: / Calmeo / Lulu / Magcloud / YouTube / Vimeo / Wix / Thanks for viewing! And I hope you enjoy the work! / xo
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Thanks to the lovely person who purchased my “I Love Rock and Roll” Tee for their little one. Hope you enjoy! / And also thanks to the lovely person on Zazzle who purchased “In the Air Tonight” Tee.. / Muchly appreciated :D / Have a great day! xo
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New Look Fan Page

Hi everyone… / I have updated my fan page as I couldn’t access the other one very well, so for all of those who have purchased from me, like my work, follow me or just plain want to know what’s going on, visit: / Ambient Papyrus / I’ve also posted a CONTEST for all those that LIKE my page (*Unfortunately only available for Australian residents, but stay tuned for all those…
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Sales - Change to Monthly Sale Announcements

Seems I’m selling more than I can keep up with! So from the end of this month on, I will announce sales of my works (if any in that month) on the first of the month.. / For now, I would like to send my thanks once again to the lovely buyer of my “I Love Rock and Roll” Kids Tee. I do hope your 7 year old daughter loves the tee as much as she loves the music! / xo
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