I have always been interested in creative pursuits, dabbling in writing, music, and art since I was very small. I play several instruments, and a few years ago earned an Associate’s Degree in General Art with a concentration in Painting.

I still paint when afforded the opportunity, but due to space restrictions my focus has shifted sharply into computer generated art over the past several years, specifically fractal art.

I feel sometimes like a child, stumbling through my art and writing and finding myself in awe at the end of the process that I was capable of creating that. I hope it’s a feeling I never lose.

  • Age: 33
  • Joined: April 2008


Calculating... A Project and a Book!

Hi everybody! Long time no see! / I have a project on Kickstarter! / I’m pleased to announce that today is launch day for my project on Kickstarter.com! Calculating: Beautiful Math for the Masses, when funded, will allow me to create a traveling booth of fractal art for sale and display at street fairs, community events, and art shows throughout Southern California. But I need your help to …
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It's been how long?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. I haven’t been posting on here, I haven’t been submitting any new work, I disappeared back into deviantArt never to be seen again. / That’s not entirely accurate. I just sort of… forgot that I had a RedBubble account. I hadn’t made a sale in ages, and I stopped making new art entirely for a long time as well. But some stuff ha…
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My piece Fiery Stormfront was chosen to be this week’s icon over at Fractal Frenzy. Thanks guys! / I’m trying to be much more selective about what goes up here than what I put up on deviantArt… you know, that place where I put up every single thing I bother to write, render, or paint, so it really tickles me to be featured like this after only being here a short time. / I have a…
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Something every artist should know about!

Congress is likely going to be considering new Orphan Works legislation in the upcoming session This legislation would require all creative works to be registered, for a fee, with private copyright registration companies. If a work is unregistered or cannot be located with a good faith search, it becomes an ‘orphan work’ and thereby become free for both non-profit and commercial uses.…
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