My name is Jane [my profile RB name is amberwayne52] and I am a computer support analyst and customer support representative for a major telecommunications company in NJ. I have worked here for 24 years. I am a single mother of 3 special needs daughters, and have MG myself. I have a BA in English Literature and an MA in Counseling and Human Services. My interests include photography, art, music, mystery, reading, history and learning new things.

My cameras are Canon PowerShot A550 and a Samsung S73.
Before these cameras I just used, believe it or not, disposable cameras… LOL….

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: My images do NOT belong to public domain. All images in this gallery are the exclusive property of Jane Neill-Hancock and may not be copied, duplicated, reproduced, modified, downloaded or redistributed in any way without my express and written permission.

I am host/co-host of 14 groups which I love- hope you will look at them and consider joining. See the bottom of my profile where my groups are listed.

I hope your enjoy my work as I show with my photos my life experiences and the world as I see it through my little digital camera.

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My First Check From RedBubble Came Yesterday

well folks, FINALLY I got a check from RedBubble for $107. Makes me laugh it took 3 years to get over $100 but was nice to get it. / I initially joined to sell my artwork but I have found RedBubble to be more of a supporting community and I have enjoyed it to share my work, to host groups and to forge friendships with artists and photographs from all over the world. / I get discouraged when I he…
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My Mom Passed Away Last Night

Some of you are aware I have been helping care for my mother who has been at home but in hospice since September 2013. I had to cut back on my host duties and have not been on RB as much as I had been because my mom was basically paralyzed and needed constant care and assistance. / My Mom passed away a few hours ago. She lapsed into a coma sometime early on Friday the 15th AM and I went to be wi…
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Well – it took me this long with the new Red Bubble to realize that when you click on a profile, the FOLLOWING that shows on the right side does not indicate that you are following this person. I would click on a profile to check out their work and want to follow them, then I saw the FOLLOWING and thought that meant I was already FOLLOWING them. / guess what – that is NOT what it mea…
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My Sales on Red Bubble

not many – they have been cards. / very nice to have something, rather than nothing. / still would be nice to know WHO purchased them so I could say thank you. / 4] You’ve Made A Sale – 860954 / Thu 7/19/2012 12:07 PM / 1x Greeting Card of “Small Waterloo Church at sunset, Waterloo Village, Stanhope NJ” / Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Postcard / You’ll …
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