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Very very hard Christmas this year 2011. My dear cat Boo passed away.

Friday the 23rd I noticed Boo seemed a bit more quiet and listless than usual. Saturday Christmas Eve it was clear there was something wrong. I was surprised at how cold she felt. I picked her up and wrapped her in a towel and laid with her under my electric blanket. We both fell asleep – she was very happy and purring loudly. After we came home from spending Christmas with my parents I found her and she was NOT good. I knew she could not wait until the AM and took her to the Animal Hospital ER.

Unfortunately we learned she was in kidney failure and one of her kidneys was very small to begin with. Her prognosis was poor. She was only 7 years old. I had to make the decision to put her down, which was horrible but the right thing. She was such a sweet and beautiful little girl, sweet personality. Gentle little thing. It was so hard to leave her…. My wonderful sister came to be with me and my daughter and we all said goodbye to her. Very very hard.

Boo Boo Oct 12, 2004 to Dec 25, 2011


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My name is Jane. I am an artist, mainly creating and sharing with my photography. I hope you enjoy my work.

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  • Samohsong
    Samohsongover 2 years ago

    Always nice to have their company for their journey and ours Jane! Pretty image of Boo.

  • Thanks Sam – I still look for her or think I see her, especially when her sister rushes by. I bought Shivonne and I a heart locket in which we have placed some of her hair.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • ibjennyjenny
    ibjennyjennyover 2 years ago

    First of all, I am so sorry about Boo. Unfortunately, I know how you feel because I had to put my Roo to rest on November 28, 2011. Christmas was pretty sad for me this year.
    I know how difficult is to make that decision, it really breaks your heart, I am sorry you had to go through that. Kidney disease is a tough one…I’m an animal tech and I know first hand what it does to them, no fun at all. I hope you are doing ok. I was so taken by the fact that I lost a Roo and you lost a Boo so near the same time…I had to stop by and pay my respects.

  • thank you so much… interesting indeed about the names and the same time of year. my sympathies as well. nice to meet a kindred soul here on RB. blessings always – jane

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • EagleHunter
    EagleHunterover 2 years ago

    Awww, beautiful kitty.

  • thank you – I miss her so much. it has only been 4 months. I still think I hear her meow or see her run by. I have other cats but she was very special to me – and I can’t get used to her not being here.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • Scott Mitchell
    Scott Mitchellabout 2 years ago

    This brought me to tears, Jane. They are rolling down my face as I type this. Dont feel bad – you did the right thing and she is no longer suffering – I am sending Boo many many hugs and good wishes for peace, and to you too…

  • oh Scott – you are so sweet. I still miss her so much and still cry. She was so precious at the end. I stayed with her to the very end and she purred right to the end. She knew I loved her and was trying to give her comfort and assistance. She was the sweetest thing – you can see I think from her eyes what a dear sensitive soul she had. She was born breach and I helped the mom deliver her – so she was particularly special to me. I do believe that animals have souls and are waiting in heaven to be joined again with us. I also believe their spirits sometimes stick around – I have a shot I will post later of a ghostly cat that hangs around outside my porch and you will see it for sure right away. Anyway – my Boo Boo is in heaven waiting for me and I look forward to the day she will be in my arms and purring in my ear again.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • AngieBanta
    AngieBantaalmost 2 years ago

    :( Your little Boo was Beautiful!! I am so so sorry for your loss, I know how very hard that must have been & during the holiday must have been even worse. Its the hardest part of having pets….when we have to say good bye. Sending you hugs……But I know Boo, had a very loving home, you are truly a kind hearted person Jane.

  • thank you Angie. this is Spooky’s sister – so it means so much that her sister Spooky just made it through her ordeal and seems to be doing well. I still miss Boo so much and sometimes just looking at this photo is hard, but today I am happy that Spooky is still with us and doing well. And I do believe I will be seeing Boo someday in heaven which helps.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • olivia-art
    olivia-artalmost 2 years ago

    What a sweet little cat. My heart gos out to you because I know what you went through. I had two cats and had to put one to sleep too because he had an malign ulcer behind his eye which could not be operated. He was such a wonderful cat with a great character and personality.

  • Olivia – I think they become part of us – cats like to act so independent but you know they connect so deeply with us. At least we have the wonderful memories of them and photos we can look at. my little Boo gave so much joy to my life – I hope I also made her know she was loved and that she was happy with us.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • Morag Bates
    Morag Batesover 1 year ago

    She was such a beautiful little girl Jane. I am very sorry for your loss, it was so sad as she was young. I can understand just how much you miss her.

    Thank you for adding her beautiful photograph to The Rainbow Bridge Group. She will be featured at the beginning of December.

  • thanks Morag.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • lcretyi
    lcretyiover 1 year ago

    dear Jane there is nothing harder than losing a beloved furry family members, they are such a part of us, such a huge part of our lives….I have been collecting strays for so many years and each and every one was as precious as the next and became a permanent part of my family when one would pass it becomes such a heart breaking experience, I always say No More, yet I continue to rescue….I am so sorry to hear of Boo’s passing, but I know you would not change a thing for having him on your life


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  • thank you SO much Laura for this feature. I have been sick on and off in January and only JUST realized you featured my beautiful Boo in the group. I think I saw it closer to the feature date but then I forgot quickly. it is a honor and so appreciated that you featured my little Boo’s photo. She was an angel and is literally a cat angel right now. I am so glad there are people like you who continue to rescue – we do it because we love them and can not bear to see them dumped in the cold. thanks again for your great group and for featuring my sweet little girl.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • Vivian Eagleson
    Vivian Eaglesonover 1 year ago

    Lovely tribute to Boo. It’s so hard to lose a pet. I had a special little bobtail kitten born with spina bifida and her long term outlook wasn’t good. I lost her at age 7 yrs, 8 months in 2007 and the grief was like a bottomless pit for so long. At the time, I was so overwhelmed with grief and I I felt like such a failure, but now looking back, I am able see how successful I was in caring for her. I now look forward to the day when we will be reunited, never to part again and all my tears will be wiped dry forever!

  • Dear Vivian – thank you for sharing all your story with me. a cat with spina bifida surviving 7 years is amazing and a tribute to your love and care of her. that is an amazing thing what you did to adopt her and care for her. I agree, we will someday be with our dear departed pets and it will be a wonderful day indeed.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

  • Sandra Moore
    Sandra Mooreover 1 year ago

    congrats on the feature, beautiful work!

  • thank you Sandra – sorry for my delay in responding to you.

    – Jane Neill-Hancock

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