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My name is Jane. I am an artist, writer, photographer, and an admirer of the arts. Here on RB I share my photography, writing, collages...


Well – it took me this long with the new Red Bubble to realize that when you click on a profile, the FOLLOWING that shows on the right side does not indicate that you are following this person. I would click on a profile to check out their work and want to follow them, then I saw the FOLLOWING and thought that meant I was already FOLLOWING them.

guess what – that is NOT what it means. If you click on FOLLOWING it shows you who the person is following or who is following them – not sure which but don’t care at this point.

I finally realized that there is a Follow box icon you need to click next to their name to follow them. So I apologize to some friends out here who I thought I had already clicked to follow you and am only catching up NOW by clicking follow.

I am posting this in a journal in case there is another clueless person out there that might benefit from my tidbit of information.


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