My Mom Passed Away Last Night

Some of you are aware I have been helping care for my mother who has been at home but in hospice since September 2013. I had to cut back on my host duties and have not been on RB as much as I had been because my mom was basically paralyzed and needed constant care and assistance.

My Mom passed away a few hours ago. She lapsed into a coma sometime early on Friday the 15th AM and I went to be with her and my sister from 5:30am to about 2:30pm. She was in a coma but moaning constantly – it was quite upsetting and she was SO uncomfortable. I was disappointed that the morphine did not take the edge off. I spent most of the time by her bed reading Psalms to her and put on very relaxing music in the background.

I planned to go over tonight to sleep on the sofa in the room where her bed was so I would be with her in the night – and then my sister texted me about 10pm and told me to come right over because Mom was passing. I got there only minutes after she had passed. As I drove over I audibly HEARD her calling me – you may think it is crazy but it happened, and when I got to the house we determined the time I HEARD her voice was the time she passed. She was calling me asking me if I was coming and to hurry up.

time of her passing was Nov 15th 10:12pm

I am SO grateful she is finally out of pain and with those loved ones that have already passed that she often talked about and wished she could join. My sister and I go to the funeral home tomorrow AM to make final arrangements. Our pastor and dear friend was with us early this AM and tonight. It has been a very long few months and I am so glad her pain is over. and very happy she is with Jesus at last.

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