My First Check From RedBubble Came Yesterday

well folks, FINALLY I got a check from RedBubble for $107. Makes me laugh it took 3 years to get over $100 but was nice to get it.

I initially joined to sell my artwork but I have found RedBubble to be more of a supporting community and I have enjoyed it to share my work, to host groups and to forge friendships with artists and photographs from all over the world.

I get discouraged when I hear members say they are disillusioned with RB and are thinking of leaving because they are not selling a lot or work. For me the groups and features and challenges and feedback from others is worth so much. The $107 was just a little icing on the cake I honestly did not expect.

My Mom Passed Away Last Night

Some of you are aware I have been helping care for my mother who has been at home but in hospice since September 2013. I had to cut back on my host duties and have not been on RB as much as I had been because my mom was basically paralyzed and needed constant care and assistance.

My Mom passed away a few hours ago. She lapsed into a coma sometime early on Friday the 15th AM and I went to be with her and my sister from 5:30am to about 2:30pm. She was in a coma but moaning constantly – it was quite upsetting and she was SO uncomfortable. I was disappointed that the morphine did not take the edge off. I spent most of the time by her bed reading Psalms to her and put on very relaxing music in the background.

I planned to go over tonight to sleep on the sofa in the room where her bed was so I…


Well – it took me this long with the new Red Bubble to realize that when you click on a profile, the FOLLOWING that shows on the right side does not indicate that you are following this person. I would click on a profile to check out their work and want to follow them, then I saw the FOLLOWING and thought that meant I was already FOLLOWING them.

guess what – that is NOT what it means. If you click on FOLLOWING it shows you who the person is following or who is following them – not sure which but don’t care at this point.

I finally realized that there is a Follow box icon you need to click next to their name to follow them. So I apologize to some friends out here who I thought I had already clicked to follow you and am only catching up NOW by clicking follow.

I a…

My Sales on Red Bubble

not many – they have been cards.
very nice to have something, rather than nothing.
still would be nice to know WHO purchased them so I could say thank you.

4] You’ve Made A Sale – 860954
Thu 7/19/2012 12:07 PM

1x Greeting Card of “Small Waterloo Church at sunset, Waterloo Village, Stanhope NJ”
Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Postcard
You’ll receive US$0.32 from this sale.

3] You’ve Made A Sale – 814183
Wed 6/27/2012 2:22 PM

1x Greeting Card of “A Unique Way to Travel In the City – Rickshaw Bike In NYC”
Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Greeting Card
You’ll receive US$0.40 from this sale.

2] You’ve Made A Sale – 773639
Thu 6/7/2012 8:44 AM

1x Greeting Card of Greeting Card of “Clown Fish Among the Co…

Had My First Sale on RedBubble

Thanks so much to whoever ordered the card of Lizzie Borden’s front stairs. It was a nice surprise and I truly appreciate it. If you don’t mind – let me know your username and I thank you again so much.

I had friends who had said they would order my photos as posters and never did – so it is nice that someone thought enough of my work to order a card. THANKS