Hi there,

Thanks for looking.

My name is George Wheelhouse, and I’m a British amateur photographer.

I love wildlife images and landscapes in particular. My aim is to try to convey the brilliance, beauty, and fragility of the natural world.
I’m learning a lot as I go, and I’m now getting the kind of shots I hoped I would when I started.

I welcome any comments, advice, questions, or critique. I especially like to hear from other photographers, as I think these on-line communities help us all improve our work.

You can see more wildlife and nature photography on my website.
You can also find my images on Flickr.

For the best quality prints, please order directly from my website.

I’m a keen environmentalist. If you enjoy my photos of animals or landscapes, please consider what you could do to help preserve the natural world.


Notable Challenges

  1. 06-02-2011 – Red Deer – Family Portrait tied for first place in “Your Favorite Shot of 2010”, in the Amazing Wildlife group.
  2. 01/09.2011 – Muntjac Deer – Running In Snow awarded “Best British Mammal Of The Month”, in the British Wildlife (Mammals) group.
  • Joined: January 2011