Hi there,

Thanks for looking.

My name is George Wheelhouse, and I’m a British nature photographer.

I love wildlife images and landscapes in particular. My aim is to try to convey the brilliance, beauty, and fragility of the natural world.
I’m learning a lot as I go, and I’m now getting the kind of shots I hoped I would when I started.

I welcome any comments, advice, questions, or critique. I especially like to hear from other photographers, as I think these on-line communities help us all improve our work.

You can see more wildlife and nature photography on my website.
You can also find my images on Flickr.

I’m a keen environmentalist. If you enjoy my photos of animals or landscapes, please consider what you could do to help preserve the natural world.


Notable Challenges

  1. 06-02-2011 – Red Deer – Family Portrait tied for first place in “Your Favorite Shot of 2010”, in the Amazing Wildlife group.
  2. 01/09.2011 – Muntjac Deer – Running In Snow awarded “Best British Mammal Of The Month”, in the British Wildlife (Mammals) group.
  • Joined: January 2011