So Very Sad,

So Very “VERY” Sad Michael Jackson HMMMM….
Yes We Can Judge We Can Decide , This Human Being WAS So Talented PERIOD I Danced My Junior And High School Days To His Music So Beautiful And Rhythmic Many Of You Know I Do Advocacy and Counseling Here Is My Thought From My Education And Training If You Say Abuser Always Remember Most Abusers Are Abused Whom Never Had The Chance To Heal In Other Words They Are “VICTIMS” with WOUNDS PERIOD !!!!! I Will Greatly Miss His Music And the Souls He Touched With HIs Light AND INSPIRED TO DANCE TO FGEEL TO LIVE !!!!! …. What Beauty And pain In THAT VOICE BEAUTiFUL and Sadder To Yet Think That Perhaps All this Was?? A Very Talented Artist …Possibly A Man In Touch With Innocence? For There Was Never A CONVICTION Yet We As Man Make Judgment…. Remember Always Romans 2:3 Not to Judge For As We Do So Shall We Be Judged HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Want To Listen To Some Awesome MUSIC CHECK IT OUT
This Musical Genius Donated His Talent to Charity And TO Making Us Smile Remember Band Aid So Many, Many………….. Charities
HUGS ALL MY FRIENDS Love And Blessings
Love Ya
lil me xxxx

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