the new upload system is rubbish

What has happened to this site. Things used to be so easy and simple. All I want to do is upload my images quickly and with ease. Now it takes an age, and I cannot even upload prints, cards and posters, which is all I am interested in selling if I can. All the other commercial bags, pillows, phone cases, ipad cases, tees, clothing, stickers … all up load, but not prints cards and posters. Then when I get to the end of the whole process it will not allow me to save as the prints, cards and posters will not up load. I have sent a message to RB, they of course are not interested and do not reply. I am in the mean time so angry I could spit feathers! This does not make me feel good. I think I have come to the end with this site. The extra customs tax I had to find for my cards makes them not worth selling anymore and now this. What was wrong with the old method anyway. It seems to me RB just get things right and then change them just for the sake of it. Rubbish Site


  • walstraasart
    walstraasart4 months ago

    I have also big problems and did not upload anything. I am waiting for better (upload) times. This is crazy!

  • Keala
    Keala4 months ago

    I’m sorry they changed their system. It is very inconsistent with what it does. I am through fighting with it for the day. I had one image I had to try 4 times before it finally loaded.
    I have other stores on different sites I can use if Redbubble doesn’t get this straightened out. :(

  • Robin Brown
    Robin Brown4 months ago

    Its me again! I had to use another browser (Google Chrome) & I don’t use the first upload option I choose to upload individual products. I did initially find that even though I’d uploaded previously using the same file formats they didn’t load but that seems to have settled down for now.
    Its like they keep moving the furniture, & as we’re all totally blind getting around the hisue is a nightmare!

  • Amar-Images
    Amar-Images4 months ago

    Hi Robin, I noticed they had added an upload option to upload individually, it did work, but took an age to upload, still spitting feathers and look forward to the grapes, sweet ones please :-)