A New Venture

Today I opened a second account on Red Bubble. It is called Amar-Images. As my work has changed over the past 12 months I thought the time was right to start another account. I love my fractal art but I am finding other ways to express my creativity.

I have started using photography and textures in my work to create beautiful images, mainly floral. My inspiration comes from collecting old postcards, in particular by a water colour artist by the name of Catharina Klein. I could never paint like her, but using the camera and digital textures I aim to create beautiful images with the flowers I grow in my house and in my garden. Another inspiration for me is a living artist, Leslie Nichol, an American artist living in France. She creates wonderful textures and overlays (French Kiss Textures) which I use in my work. With her guidance I am also learning to create my own textures and overlays.


  • edesigns14
    edesigns149 months ago

    Hiya your work is lovely what is your other site called so i can find you. I would love to know how to do fractal work. Best wishes Lyn edesigns14

  • Hi there, thank you for you comment Lyn, my other account is under the name viennablue. the best group to join for creating fractals with the program Apophysis is Apophysis Fun Tutorial. every one there are really helpful and friendly, but I must warn you, fractals can be very addictive! lol!

    – Amar-Images