A New Venture

Today I opened a second account on Red Bubble. It is called Amar-Images. As my work has changed over the past 12 months I thought the time was right to start another account. I love my fractal art but I am finding other ways to express my creativity.

I have started using photography and textures in my work to create beautiful images, mainly floral. My inspiration comes from collecting old postcards, in particular by a water colour artist by the name of Catharina Klein. I could never paint like her, but using the camera and digital textures I aim to create beautiful images with the flowers I grow in my house and in my garden. Another inspiration for me is a living artist, Leslie Nichol, an American artist living in France. She creates wonderful textures and overlays (French Kiss Textures) which I use in my work. With her guidance I am also learning to create my own textures and overlays.

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