Author of ‘The Dark Mermaid’ – a bestseller published in 2009 by Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi, India. A well known writer of Nepal, has had hundreds of his articles published both nationally and internationally. Writes on a diverse range of subjects – is famous for his versatility. Writing style is crisp, clear, informative and original. Is well known for vibrancy of his writings and for ability to capture readers’ interest from the word ‘go’. Is also author of several books, one published and two are under publication. Writes children’s fiction as well as fiction for young adults and adults besides non fiction for general readership. Is also a poet and has had several of his poems published. Has an inherent mastery over the English language and is very skillful with the use of words to express his opinions – is thus somewhat of an opinion maker.

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How to Increase Sexual Desire

For the young whose hormones are on the rampage, it might seem silly to think that getting sexually aroused could be a challenge. But, as youth fades away, the hormones are happy enough to lie back and take a long breather. Along with this, other problems come to the fore and one fine day, you realize that you are relieved when not called upon to play your part.In the process, one of life’s great…
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Share Market Shenanigans

Many people compare the stock market with gambling. Of course it is advised that you study companies’ balance sheets and annual reports before investing, but most people find it difficult to understand figures. And even those who do, they have to be wary of ‘cooked books’ (more on this below). Share traders, brokers and dealers obviously spend all their time going through such things, it’s their…
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How to increase sexual desire

Sexual arousal is manifested as increased vaginal lubrication and blood flow to the genitals, especially the labia, clitoris and vagina.

Love Is Blind

I could see her coming, her walk characterized by the smooth and careful strides of the tiger.

The Mind Reader

Her second posting had landed her in this country of desperate people wanting to escape an uncertain future. .

Free Spirit

She was just twenty-three yet her body had already ripened and matured fully.

Mercury and the Fluid Romance

I can see in his eyes that he lusts for me as much as he longs for my company. Will we meet again?

Down Memory Lane – Glimpses of Paradise

The first Korean to fight had a Saudi opponent who threw maybe ten wild kicks before the one single kick from the expressionless Korean kno…

Doing It Differently

Although some might say it’s a bit redundant now, it is still a good idea to ponder on the Japanese success stories of yore

Book Review : Book Title: The Tibetan Way-Religi…

‘The Tibetan Way’ is a book divided into three parts. The first deals with Buddhism as the religion it is today and Susan Hoivi…

The rosiest paled

You have truly lived / A full and satisfying life / Such as one craved for / By even saints like / Buddha and Jesus Christ / Yes, rejoice. …

The rosiest paled

You have truly lived / A full and satisfying life / Such as one craved for / By even saints like / Buddha and Jesus Christ / Yes, rejoice. …

Flying On A Monsoon Day

This languid movement / One of few they experience / As eternal they stand / Unmoving

With The Setting Of The Sun

The hosts come a running / And find guests lacking / To satisfy hungry cravings / The long night keeps a- falling / Bringing darkness and d…