amanda steel

amanda steel

Hoddesdon, United Kingdom

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I’ve been drawing and selling pencil portraits since I was 14, but have only recently found a passion or desire for producing work. A few years ago I started painting and found it alot more exciting than grey pencil!
I have a young family and have often felt overwhelmed by the love I feel for them. While raising them I have also become aware of god’s fatherly love for me. If messed up me can feel this sort of love for my offspring, how much more must he feel for me!
I’m not great with words, but often have these images or feelings that I want to express. I’m finally finding a way to do it.

Since writing the above, I have been making my way through a couple of children’s illustration courses as I realised that the books I was buying for my chlldren were actually for me! I’ve grown and developed a lot through doing these courses, and intend to get more involved in this area of work.

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Love this site

I love this site! It’s daunting putting my work alongside such talent. There’s so many pictures I’ve seen that I think ‘wow!’ I really want to get working on my stuff again, but am recovering from laser eye surgery. I seem to be one of those who take weeks rather than days. Frustrating!
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