Hi my name is Amanda.

I live in Scotland. I am a keen photographer. I am looking forward to sharing and selling some of my work to you all…. I hope you all enjoy it.

I have a comprehensive processing price list available. Sizes ranging from Standard to Poster.

For details email:

To visit my website go to: for all my wedding and portrait portfolios

I am part of a duo photographing weddings, families and Various styled model shoots

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The power of a Butterfly

The Saying that if a butterfly flaps their wings then the effects can be felt across the world is an intriguing theory. / Do we realise that we do this too, just by doing one single act whether good or bad, small or massive we have an affect on those around us and those we have not yet met. / If we all thought about it and did one thing that we have always dreamt of doing, or perhaps just tryin…
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