Aj Finan

Alloa, United Kingdom

Welcome to my beautiful world…. / Scotland has such beautiful scenery and I try to capture those wonderful scenes along my travels....

A huge thank you to all

Just an update really to my friends of Redbubble old and new.

A Sale Today

Thanks so very much to the person that bought my Purple Rose in poster style.
I hope you enjoy it, this is one of my favorite images of my rose collection. I hope you will be pleased with it.

Also a huge thank you to a few others that have bought from me since Christmas. I should have thanked you before now, but with hubby not to well its a struggle to keep on top of it all lol.

So thanks to those people too for buying these cards :)

I havent been as successful as others on here when it comes to selling. However I must just say this is just a bonus for me as I enjoy Redbubble and the people that are here. I have been so very lucky to win some challenges and top ten places and lots of features to many to mention here, which I am also very grateful for too. I thank everyone for their continued support, Its very much appreciated.

The images on here are all incredible and I hope you all get some buyers soon.

Take care all

Aj :)

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