(My artwork is not for sale. i just want to show people what i can do)

Statement: I’ve always loved art, i’ve been drawing since i’ve been 5. I’ve always been good with copying anything. I’ve done alot of animation my whole life, now I’ve been going in a different direction with my art skills, extenting my skills and improving my self day to day and challanging my self with difficult peaces, artwork or photoshots. Not just drawing with a pencil; or using charcoal. Now i want to try to paint artwork, doing artwork on the Computer or doing amazing shots with my camera (landscape, portraits,etc,..) Thats what I love about art, you can do it the oldfashion way with a pencil or do it now with Computers, Camera, paint, etc,.. and extending artwork.

  • Age: 28
  • Joined: July 2008