Hi, I live in the Hunter valley of NSW in Australia. I love nature and I am at peace when in the bush (wilderness). I have done a lot of bush walking in Australia and New Zealand. I have also walked and photographed in Alaska, Canada, USA, South America, Africa, Antarctica and Tibetan China,

I taught abseiling and led many trips into canyons and wilderness areas until my knees gave out on me and I had to have them replaced. On one of my trips into the Wollemi National Park we discovered a small stand of Wollemi Pines. The Wollemi Pine belongs to the 200 million year old Araucariaceae family with the oldest known fossil being carbon dated to be 90 million years It is a dinosaur plant having been around when dinosaurs roamed the earth and today the wild population of these trees is less than 100 mature trees.

I specialise in bird photography and all my subjects are taken in the wild. To date I have photographed over 500 Australian Bird Species. I also photograph natural scenery and the occasional people shots.

Nikon D4 Camera Body
Nikon D3s Camera Body
Nikon D700 Camera Body
Nikon D800e Camera Body
AF-S NIKKOR 200mm f/2G ED VR II Prime Lens
AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8G ED VR Prime Lens
AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/4G ED VR Prime Lens
AF Nikkor Micro 105mm f/2.8D Prime Lens
AF VR-Nikkor 80-400mm 1:4.5 – 1:5.6D Lens
AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm 1:2.8G Lens
AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Lens
Nikon TC-20 E111 AF-S Teleconvertor
Nikon TC-20 E11 AF-S Teleconvertor
Nikon TC-17 E11 AF-S Teleconvertor
Gitzo GT 3531 Series 3 Tripod with 501HDV Head.
Gitzo GT15042 Tripod with Manfrotto 410 Geared Head.
Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 Tripod with 501HDV Head.

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