Snatched From The Jaws of History

Let’s take a trip back in time,
Slow it all down

I remember
[Many things]
A day much like any other,
As sunlight poured through the panes
Of my rain streaked frames
While my alarm clock blared
And my cellphone rang.
[Darn it, I’m late again]
T’was meant to be the day
I saw Purity’s face
At the Mondragon
For lunch
And truly,
I was supposed to be there
Oh, two hours past.
But not to worry,
[No, never that]
Let’s give her a call
That’ll cure it all
And perhaps this date
Can be salvaged
If I play my cards right.
[Don’t I always?]
Armed with my silver tongue
And a plethora of poems
I’ve got to run
[She isn’t going to sweep herself off her feet, now is she?]
Pressed for time
She ran through my mind
As I rehearsed my lines
Loud and clear.
[How difficult could this be?]
But I hit a snag in the rope
A bump in the road
As I soon realized
She wasn’t like the others
[Oh brother.]
Quite to my surprise
She saw through my disguise
But instead of turning to leave
She gave me that thing
That no one else did,
[What’s it called again?]
Oh that’s right,
The benefit of the doubt.
Boy, Osborne sure was busy
And for once
I sure felt clumsy
Flashing smiles as she bought
Her very first dress,
And I was sure I saw something
In her eyes that
“This boy seems a little too good to be true”
Walking with this woman
Who defied everything that I
Ever knew.
[Who are you?]

[And how long did
The Key to my Heart
Sit in your cupboard,
Gathering dust?]

And on a perfect summer day
We walked the ways
The paths and routes
That lead us by
The river bank, blue.
We climbed the Tree of Change
While the branches rustled
Wind oh wind
[A first for us both, I assure you.]
And we talked and laughed
Twenty One Questions, perhaps
Until the Sun began
It’s glorious descent
To the horizon.
[Well aren’t we just romantic?]

I remember our footsteps in the sand
And wishing I could hold your hand
As we ventured up and down
The walkways and paths of
Grand Marais.
[Your cabin really was majestic]

And I can still see your smile
On the beach at St. Malo’s
As you told me about what it meant
To follow Christ.
[You never told me baptisms were so cold!]

I can close my eyes
And hear the lightning and thunder roar
As the rain began to pour
On that house where you were taking care of
Those international students.
What a disaster it was
When that basement began to flood
And we scrambled and ran
Without the slightest clue.
[Did you really think I knew what to do?]
But after all
It was your birthday,
So just take a seat and relax
This’ll be a blast
Trust me
There is nothing to worry about
At all.
[Everything is under control]
[Except my feelings of course]
My God, did you ever look beautiful
As I held you and whispered
Sweet nothings into your
Soft ears.
And when that morning dawned
Your face was the first [and only] sight
That I [luckily] had the privilege
Of seeing.
[My Darling, is this a dream?]

Oh, I remember a Halloween
Where a knight and a fry
Went door to door
Trying to find
Every piece of chocolate
In these darn twenty blocks.

And a winter passed
Cold and fast
And lonely
Without you.

But soon Spring began
And with it
A plan
The Brown Bear had
To display our art
For the glory of God.

Oh what trouble it brought
Those chilly spring days
Practising and rehearsing
Until fatigue would beckon us away
[And of course we wouldn’t go]
When it was dark and we were alone,
I swear it was cold
Why else would we have to cuddle?

Slowly it grew,
Your love for me
And mine for you
[That summer, we never had enough time]

Ah, and how could I forget
That night
[That fateful night]
When the World Turned Upside Down?
We flew away
[From each other]
On paper wings
That, of course,
Burnt up
In the atmosphere.
We fell from the sky
To land side by side
And picked up
Where we
Had left off.

And I remember the day
Jesus was forever sprayed
Onto that beautiful
And slender leg
Of yours.
[You really were strong]
When you held my hand
Tighter than a blind man
Grasping for a railing he thought wasn’t there.
[It legitimately looked painful]
And I know it’s absurd
For me to remember this so thorough
But that smile on your face
Froze me in place
As your hand slipped into mine
On the bus
Ride home.
[Are you allowed to be this incredible?]
That happened to be the night
Our lips first met
[You blew my mind]
After what I can only describe
As a very unexpected and late
Night snack.
[Frozen yogurt anyone?]

I believe it was the weekend after
When we rehearsed with the crew
A Bold Love Story
Though all I could see, that night, was you.
Our eyes were fixed
And could not be torn away
From the memories of each other
We made, just the other day.
The night progressed
Our feelings, suppressed
[Oh, who could’ve predicted where this would lead?]
When all was said
And all was done,
Alone we were left
With feelings of how we wish
The night had gone.
So deep into the morning
We talked and brushed
Lips against each other
Though decided
That they
Should never touch.
Instead we found
Side by side
On your couch
Was a great
Place to rest.
[Just a couple more hours, I swear.]
I held you close
Until the sun rose
[We only needed an hour of sleep anyway.]
And off I was sent
Before anyone knew
Just how much you loved me,
And just how much
I loved you.

Though we were only friends,
Who kiss and hold hands
And talk the entire night away.
Friends who lay in each other’s arms
And miss the other
After an hour long.
Friends that could never spend quite enough time together.

And though we knew it wasn’t smart
To so freely give each other
Our hearts
I’m sorry,
But I couldn’t help it darling.
[Could you?]

The Struggle began
And closer we came
As we danced and recited
Our poems
Until the early hours of morn.
[More late nights?]
Less subtle we grew
As love rang true
In our hearts,
Which lead us
For we chased our desires
Into dark and forgotten fires
Until we
Had lost
Our way.

Our paths diverged
And The Lord played us a dirge
As [again] we walked
Our separate ways.
We lost track of what
Was important to us
But lust be damned
We’re on to her plans
That’s one mistake I swear
We’ll never make again.
And I know, [meine Liebe]
This is not the end.

Our paths will cross again
The tears will mend
The pain will heal
Once again we’ll feel,
Love will prevail
And sin will fail,
As we win
This battle
[Thank You Lord]
And when we look back
[I’m sure]
We’ll see,
That this
Was merely
The beginning.

Snatched From The Jaws of History


Winnipeg, Canada

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Artist's Description

Okay, I’m not going to lie. It’s four in the morning, I’m tired as heck and I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t not write this poem. It turned out way longer than I thought and I didn’t want to write it out in my book so I decided to pull myself out of bed and just post it online instead. It’s totally a rough draft and I’m way too tired to accurately proofread this so I’ll do that tomorrow! This poem was just me sifting through some random memories I had. =) Might add more to it tomorrow! Time to sleep though! Take care guys! Hope you enjoy it so far! Take it easy on me! God bless!

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