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Andrew Prince

Andrew Prince

Port Macquarie, Australia

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I have been photographing people, sport and events for over 20 years. I started photography using an Olympus OM1 and moved on from there.
I have a love for all types of photography, especially lightning, landscapes and sunrises/sunsets. I moved into weddings and still do the odd one here and there. This gave me a good grounding to follow my passion.

Weddings led me to newpapers and soon I found myself being used for a number of local papers and reporting on sports, events and accidents. I have had a large number of pictures published and sold, and even had some published in the Sydney papers and overseas magazines.

I dont consider myself a brilliant photographer, just lucky to get the images at right times. My photography reflects me and what I like, not everyones taste. If you like you like, if you dont thats Ok.

Equipment does not make a good photographer, it is the tool that helps.

  • Joined: October 2010